3 in 1 card consultation – GET INVOLVED!

Dear all,

A public consultation on the future of the 3in1 Card concessionary travel scheme has now launched!

Read the press release here

The County Council has proposed three options:

  • The 3in1 Card scheme continues in its current format
  • The 3in1 Card ceases to operate
  • The 3in1 Card ceases to operate but funding for 16-19 year-olds from low income families (in full time further education) would be made available

The consultation questionnaire asks participants to rank their preferred option, and give their views on the scheme.  Participants are also asked for their views on the dates for any changes to be introduced.

The consultation will help us to understand the views and priorities people have about the 3in1 Card scheme and will help to inform our decisions in the future. Therefore, we would appreciate your help in promoting the consultation wherever appropriate.

The consultation can be accessed here:


The closing date for the consultation is Friday, 8 April 2016.