Facebook and other social media

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We have been made aware of the fact that an unknown person has been sharing the Facebook profile pictures of children and staff at Oak Grove College. This is not something that has occurred in school and is something that, regrettably, happens often on the internet. We do not have the ability to fix or prevent this but you can make your child safer on the internet by doing the following: (these will be easier on a computer rather than a mobile).

  • Please help your child check their Facebook account (or any social media) is private and the security settings are high.
  • Please go through their Facebook friends and delete any people that they do not know in real life.
  • If you find any comments, posts or pictures that you dislike, it may be best for your child to unfriend or block that individual, even if it is someone that they get on well with. Even nice, caring people can be unkind on the internet.
  • If you see anything that is unacceptable or breaks the rules of the site, report it. It is the only way to make Facebook act on offensive actions, sexual pictures and bullying of any kind. It is against their rules to create more than one account or use someone else’s name or picture.

Facebook rules make it clear that each person is expected to keep themselves safe by use report and block: there is no Facebook police.

  • Finally, and most importantly, consider removing your child from social media. We do not believe that Facebook is giving any child a positive experience, and your child is being exposed to unsafe situations and unkind behaviour.

Please find attached further information on how to increase security setting on social media sites and report bullying.

Thank you,

Phillip Potter


Facebook use