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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Summer holiday activities

As we are not running our holiday program we will be helping staff with the additional needs sessions that are being offered at Worthing Liesure Centre and Field Place

Please use the links to book your place;

http://www.southdownsleisure.co.uk/junior-activities/holiday-programmes/additional_support_application_form/ WLC

http://www.southdownsleisure.co.uk/junior-activities/holiday-programmes/lets-get-sporty-creative/ Field Place

Summer Fun WLC 1-2-1 sessions




Monday 31st July Gladiators 9.20-12.30
Monday 31st July Frisbee 1.30 -4.30
Tuesday 1st August Target games 9.20-12.30
Tuesday 1st August Racket sports 1.30 -4.30
Wednesday 2nd August Crafts 9.20-12.30
Wednesday 2nd August Gymnastics 1.30 -4.30
Thursday 3rd August Rounders/cricket 9.20-12.30
Thursday 3rd August Exercise 1.30 -4.30
Wednesday 16th August Gladiators 9.20-12.30
Wednesday 16th August Exercise 1.30 -4.30
Thursday 17th August Tennis 9.20-12.30
Thursday 17th August Target games 1.30 -4.30
Friday 18th August Crafts 9.20-12.30
Friday 18th August Get set get wet 1.30 -4.30
Wednesday 30th August Assault course 9.20-12.30
Wednesday 30th August Parachute games 1.30 -4.30
Thursday 31st August Crafts 9.20-12.30
Thursday 31st August Football/Rugby 1.30 -4.30
Friday 1st September The Cube 9.20-12.30
Friday 1st September Get set get wet 1.30 -4.30

Field Place Sporty and Creativity sessions 12 places

Date Activity time
Wednesday 9th August Fun club 10-2
Thursday 10th August Arts & crafts 10-3
Monday 21st August Tennis 10-1
Tuesday 22nd August Pottery 10-3
Wednesday 23rd August Fun club 10-1
Thursday 24th August Arts & Crafts 10-3
Tuesday 29th August Fencing 10-3
Wednesday 30th August Pottery 1.30-6.30
Thursday 31st August Fun club 10-1

No Limits short breaks- Saturday 1st July

NO LIMITS is a short breaks funded project for children and young people aged 11+ with special educational needs and disabilities

Newsletter: June 2017

Update – Fair and Adequate School Funding

Please see attached letter for an update on the campaign for school funding –

Autism Sussex: Summer 2017 Activities

We have organised a varied summer programme for all ages and abilities. So as not to be disappointed places will need to be booked , especially with the bowling as we need to know numbers to be able to book lanes. We would ask that payment be on the day and given to group lead Kirsten Bennetts.

Oak Grove College Summer Holiday Program

As always, we applied to West Sussex County Council Short Breaks, to fund our summer holiday playscheme led by Claire Moyle and her team. At present, despite seeking clarification, we have not been allocated any funding for the summer playscheme. We cannot use college education money to subsidise the playscheme and consequently we will not be able to run the playscheme for this summer. Even if we were now allocated funding it would be very difficult to organise it and staff it without impacting negatively on college education provision. I am sorry we are in this position and I know many people will be very disappointed.

Phillip Potter



Field Place Manor Creative and Sport activities

Summer fun! Let’s get sporty and creative at Field Place Manor!

Proposed Federation of the Schools

Parents for Autism session: 3rd July