Annual General Meeting of Friends of Oak Grove College: Headteacher Report

The Friends of Oak Grove College continue to work to help provide the best resources for all of our 254 students so that they have the best education, care and support possible. Alongside this they do wonderful work in supporting all of our families providing refreshments at consultation evenings and a wide range of social events for families.

The FOGC comprises parents, volunteers and staff who give of their time freely and on behalf of the whole school community.  I would like to express my gratitude for their energies and efforts and also all of those staff and family members who have supported events over the last year.

The achievements of the FOGC are many:

  1. a) Funding the new outdoor science classroom
  2. b) Working with HSBC to get funding for the science classroom and its landscaping
  3. c) Raising funds for an Eye Gaze system
  4. d) Starting to raise funds for the refurbishment of a classroom

I look forward to the coming year and the support the FOGC provides to all.

Phillip Potter