Young people adopted from care

There is a grant (Pupil Premium) available to the college for all adopted children from Reception class through to Year 11.  This grant provides funding to help schools give extra support to all children adopted from care to help them reach their potential.

It is paid to schools so that it can be invested in specific support measures to address the issues that may be preventing them from reaching their potential. Schools have flexibility over how they use the pupil premium, as they are best placed to understand their specific needs and to address the barriers that might prevent such children from achieving their full potential

Whilst the money is not ring-fenced to be directly applied to the child, the accountability measures in place around the pupil premium should ensure that schools use the funding specifically to benefit those pupils for whom it has been allocated.

So that Oak Grove College can claim the Pupil Premium, you will need to inform Sharon Kettlewell, Business Manager that your child is adopted and provide supporting evidence, for example a photocopy of the adoption order.