Update – Friday 2nd March

College will open today as the area around College is clear  and what is forecasted for Worthing is for less snow than other areas. Please only send your child into College if it is safe from where you live and you are confident you can get them home should transport be unable to do so. We appreciate many of you do not live in Worthing and the situation is worse in other areas. Please only travel if it is safe. It is possible the situation will deteriorate in the day and we will have to shut early. Please stay contactable and make preparations for an early pick up if transport are unable to collect.

Thank you for your support over this last week. The fluctuating weather reports and changing conditions at the times decisions need to be made to support the bus crews and difficulties of ensuing safety on the roads for a population that travels in on buses from Selsey, Horsham, Billingshurst, Bognor and Shoreham has made it a challenging week and we appreciate your support.

Have a safe and warm weekend and we look forward to business as usual next week