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Annual General Meeting of Friends of Oak Grove College: Headteacher Report

The Friends of Oak Grove College continue to work to help provide the best resources for all of our 254 students so that they have the best education, care and support possible. Alongside this they do wonderful work in supporting all of our families providing refreshments at consultation evenings and a wide range of social events for families.

The FOGC comprises parents, volunteers and staff who give of their time freely and on behalf of the whole school community.  I would like to express my gratitude for their energies and efforts and also all of those staff and family members who have supported events over the last year.

The achievements of the FOGC are many:

  1. a) Funding the new outdoor science classroom
  2. b) Working with HSBC to get funding for the science classroom and its landscaping
  3. c) Raising funds for an Eye Gaze system
  4. d) Starting to raise funds for the refurbishment of a classroom

I look forward to the coming year and the support the FOGC provides to all.

Phillip Potter


Young people adopted from care

There is a grant (Pupil Premium) available to the college for all adopted children from Reception class through to Year 11.  This grant provides funding to help schools give extra support to all children adopted from care to help them reach their potential.

It is paid to schools so that it can be invested in specific support measures to address the issues that may be preventing them from reaching their potential. Schools have flexibility over how they use the pupil premium, as they are best placed to understand their specific needs and to address the barriers that might prevent such children from achieving their full potential

Whilst the money is not ring-fenced to be directly applied to the child, the accountability measures in place around the pupil premium should ensure that schools use the funding specifically to benefit those pupils for whom it has been allocated.

So that Oak Grove College can claim the Pupil Premium, you will need to inform Sharon Kettlewell, Business Manager that your child is adopted and provide supporting evidence, for example a photocopy of the adoption order.

Workshop for Parent Carers

All Children who currently have a Statement of Educational Need will be transferring to an Education Health and Care plan (EHCP) by 31 March 2018.

This workshop will help you to get the best from your EHCP.

Eco Lodge – A sustainable learning space

This grant from The Naturesave Trust has helped our college to address the needs of a growing student population in a creative way.  We were able to construct a new science classroom where the building itself inspires and excites the students into learning about science and the environment.

The Naturesave Trust

Post 16 Transport Consultation

The County Council has launched an on-consultation on the proposal to increase Post-16 transport charge.  If the proposal goes ahead in September 2018, all parents/carers who pay £427 towards the cost of transport would be asked to contribute £600.

There is more detail on the link to the Have Your Say website in the link below.  The County Council are keen to stress that this proposal would not affect those families on a low income who do not pay the Post-16 transport charge.

I would encourage you to fill out the on-line consultation which closes on 19th October at:


Workshop for Parent Carers of Children at O.G.C

Is your child/young person transferring from a statement of special educational needs  to an Education and Health and Care Plan (EHCP)?

All children/young people with a statement of special educational needs must have it transferred to an EHCP by 31st March 2018.

Myanmar Refugee Cake Sale – Thursday 19th October

In recent weeks, half a million people- mostly Rohingya women and children- have fled violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, Asia. They are seeking refuge in Bangladesh, where they urgently need food, water, shelter and medical care. Help us help these people who have had to leave their homes and country by donating any cakes you can for our Myanmar Refugee cake sale- 19/10/17. This is part of our school’s ongoing work to promote better global understanding for our students and help support humanitarian causes. Just like the cake sale last November to raise funds for war-torn Syria (£212.35 raised), I hope you will all join OGC in supporting this good cause!

Kevin Doherty


Summer holiday activities

As we are not running our holiday program we will be helping staff with the additional needs sessions that are being offered at Worthing Liesure Centre and Field Place

Please use the links to book your place;

http://www.southdownsleisure.co.uk/junior-activities/holiday-programmes/additional_support_application_form/ WLC

http://www.southdownsleisure.co.uk/junior-activities/holiday-programmes/lets-get-sporty-creative/ Field Place

Summer Fun WLC 1-2-1 sessions




Monday 31st July Gladiators 9.20-12.30
Monday 31st July Frisbee 1.30 -4.30
Tuesday 1st August Target games 9.20-12.30
Tuesday 1st August Racket sports 1.30 -4.30
Wednesday 2nd August Crafts 9.20-12.30
Wednesday 2nd August Gymnastics 1.30 -4.30
Thursday 3rd August Rounders/cricket 9.20-12.30
Thursday 3rd August Exercise 1.30 -4.30
Wednesday 16th August Gladiators 9.20-12.30
Wednesday 16th August Exercise 1.30 -4.30
Thursday 17th August Tennis 9.20-12.30
Thursday 17th August Target games 1.30 -4.30
Friday 18th August Crafts 9.20-12.30
Friday 18th August Get set get wet 1.30 -4.30
Wednesday 30th August Assault course 9.20-12.30
Wednesday 30th August Parachute games 1.30 -4.30
Thursday 31st August Crafts 9.20-12.30
Thursday 31st August Football/Rugby 1.30 -4.30
Friday 1st September The Cube 9.20-12.30
Friday 1st September Get set get wet 1.30 -4.30

Field Place Sporty and Creativity sessions 12 places

Date Activity time
Wednesday 9th August Fun club 10-2
Thursday 10th August Arts & crafts 10-3
Monday 21st August Tennis 10-1
Tuesday 22nd August Pottery 10-3
Wednesday 23rd August Fun club 10-1
Thursday 24th August Arts & Crafts 10-3
Tuesday 29th August Fencing 10-3
Wednesday 30th August Pottery 1.30-6.30
Thursday 31st August Fun club 10-1

Newsletter: June 2017

Proposed Federation of the Schools

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