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Lettings Policy

Statement of Intent

The policy is to maximise the revenue to the school from the letting of school premises, property and services to persons and organisations engaged in appropriate activities.

From time to time the school is approached by persons and organisations wishing to hire the school’s premises or property and use the school’s services. Providing hiring’s do not adversely affect the day to day operation of the school; the hirers are engaged in activities with which the school would wish to be associated, that the facilities are suitable for the purposes of the hirer and that all costs are recovered, such lettings offer a useful source of additional income.

The governors have adopted the standard WSCC conditions of hire; however these are tailored for each letting by the Business Manager to protect the interests of the school.

The Governors recognise that it would be impossible for them to personally vet every applicant or organisations who wish to make use of the school premises.  Accordingly they have delegated the authority to accept applications for hire to the Business Manager.  The Finance and Health and Safety Committees will be consulted with over any doubt as to the suitability of a hirer.

A list of hirers will be given to the Committees on a termly basis.

This policy will be reviewed at least once a year and upon significant change of circumstances.

Stakeholders and Users Policy

The Governors should be aware that the school’s premises, etc are being let to third parties andshould be satisfied that there is no risk to the reputation of the school and that charges are set at levels that recover all costs, both direct and indirect.

The Headteacher, who in addition to the above, should be satisfied that systems are in place to ensure that lettings do not jeopardise day to day operations and that rents are set at a level that recover all costs and are accounted for.

The School Business Manager is responsible for managing all lettings; ensuring that facilities are available and invoicing and accounting for all revenues. This includes ensuring that other staff are aware of their roles in relation to each letting and that appropriate insurances are in place.

People using school should ensure that their clientele do not enter any area of the school outside the area of hire.

  • Policy Users
  • The Governors
  • The Headteacher
  • The School Business Manager
  • Premises Staff
  • Hirers

Aims and Objectives

The school has under its control premises, property and services for which there is a demand from the wider community. Schools are permitted to let the facilities and to charge for their use. The aim is to maximise revenue from lettings whilst not affecting the day to day operation of the school, or impair its efficiency.

The letting of school premises provides an opportunity for potential pupils, parents and employees to see the school.

Additional revenue allows the school to go further than it might otherwise be able to do in meeting the aims of Every Child Matters and Extended Schools objectives.

Detailed Guidelines to Implement Policy Pre-letting

Potential hirers contact the school, seeking details of cost and availability. At this stage the Business Manager will establish the activities the hirer wishes to undertake and whether the school wishes to be associated with them; the facilities the hirers might need; the impact on the school and premises staff and the date or dates hirers will need the facilities.  Regard to pupils’ confidentiality must be adhered to at all times. School staff must ensure that no photos or pupil information is on display during the hire period.

If in doubt about the suitability of the hiring the Business Manager will consult with and be directed by the Governors.

Letting Agreement

If the hiring is accepted the Business Manager will confirm the cost (including any additional insurance costs) and dates in writing and send two copies of the hiring agreement for signature by the hirer.  One copy must be returned to school and kept in the lettings file before commencement of the hire period.

Charging and Invoicing

The Governing Body will agree during the summer term charges for the next academic year allowing for flexibility to be determined by the Business Manager.  Charges will take into account the recovery of all costs (including additional insurance, premises staff to unlock and lock the premises, cleaning, heating and light). Account will also be taken of the hirer’s activities; their ability to pay; benefits to the school and the cost of potential alternative venues that the hirer might be considering.

On receipt of the signed agreement, the Business Manager will inform the Premises Manager of the details of the hiring: dates and hirers requirements. The name of hirer and times of hire of premises will be added to the Google calendar.

The governors will not normally insist that premises staff are continuously present during the hire period but reserve the right and delegate power to the Business Manager to insist upon their presence where he/she feels it is required.

The hirers will be invoiced for the hiring at the end of the hire period.  In the case of regular lettings, hirers are invoiced monthly in arrears, providing we have a copy of their certificate of insurance on file.  This must show an indemnity of £10 million for public liability.  If WSCC insurance is required this will be added to the invoice.

The Business Manager will ask for a deposit for all short term lettings.


In the event of a dispute or any problems with the hiring the Business Manager will communicate with the hirers. If the matter cannot be resolved the hiring will be terminated by the school in accordance with the letting agreement, and any payments in advance (less any costs incurred by the school) refunded to the hirer.

Additional Information

The Governors do not hold a license for the sale of intoxicating liquor.  Therefore the sale of alcohol on the school premises is strictly forbidden.

If a hirer wishes alcohol to be brought into school as part of a one off event it is to be agreed in advance by the Business Manager.  The Business Manager will consult with the Governing Body.

Smoking is prohibited within school grounds.

No alcohol or smoking is allowed on school premises at any time. 

Staff will need to be made aware that the school is being used by hirers (who should be treated as visitors). The premises staff will have an important role to play both as front line representatives of the school and on the security.

The safety and security of the students, staff and premises must be maintained at all times and no agreement for hire of school premises will be entered into, should it compromise H&S.

Date of next policy review

The lettings policy will next be reviewed: November 2014

Appendix 1

Standard Letting Agreement