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Local Offer

How will Oak Grove College staff support my child?

All OGC staff will support students.  The form tutor and class teaching assistant will have day to day responsibility, coordinated by the Pastoral Leader, for ensuring that academic, social and emotional support is given to your child.  This will happen through giving your child time to communicate and discuss issues that are worrying them, proactive plans to support skills development and differentiated work in lessons with staff who promote independence.  Students with PMLD will be supported by the class leader and Complex Needs Coordinator.

How will I know how my child is doing?

You will have the opportunity to meet with staff twice a year in a formal setting and have an annual report towards the end of the academic year.  In addition to this a report and meeting will be convened for the annual review of your child’s statement.  (For students with PMLD these are held during the term of their birthday).  If the College has any concerns in between these times you will be contacted.

Progress data for all students is held centrally by the data and assessment officer who supports teachers in analysing students’ progress.

Students with PMLD also have a daily communication sheet, and home/school links books are used widely in the lower school and for students with SLD.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

All students will follow a daily 30 minute literacy programme in a very small group led by a class teacher of teaching assistant.  Different class groups have very different curriculum focuses and children are allocated to the most appropriate class group.  Within the class differentiated programmes are followed to take on the interests and abilities of the child.  Within the staffing structure there is the flexibility, especially at Key Stage Four, for some highly personalised programmes of study.   Students with PMLD will follow a personalised route map curriculum, and will receive a personal certificate of achievement.

What support will there be for my child’s overall well being?

The Pastoral Leader, with the form tutor, has responsibility for the welfare of all children. They can access counselling support, mentoring support, educational psychology advice or education welfare officer advice when necessary.  They are supported by three highly experienced Pastoral Officers.

All staff take the welfare of all children and young people at Oak Grove College very seriously.

What specialist services and expertise are available at, or accessed by, Oak Grove College?

Specialist School Nurses are based at Oak Grove College.

Support from the NHS comes from the Physiotherapy team, Speech and Language Therapy team, Occupational Therapy team, Consultant Paediatrician: Dr Coldwell and the Consultant Psychiatrist: Dr Van den Hout.

Support from West Sussex County Council comes from the Principal Educational Psychologist Chris Lewis, the Sensory Support team and a Connexions adviser: Julie Crysell, who works regularly in school to support careers education and transition planning.

Social and Caring Services:  links with named social workers and family link workers.

All staff are experienced in working with a range of students with complex needs and we continually train and develop all of our workforce to ensure we offer the best for all our students and their families.

What training are the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had or having?

All staff have ongoing training in a range of special educational needs and disabilities.  All staff are trained in the use of Team Teach (restraint training) and manual handling, and all have regular safeguarding training.  Current whole college training is focusing on literacy and numeracy development, communication including speech and language, dyslexia and effective use of PECS (a communication tool for autistic children).  In addition staff working with students with physical and medical needs receive specialised training to assist with students’ individual needs.

How will you help me to support my child’s learning?

You will be given an outline of the curriculum and students will be set homework where it is appropriate for you to work with your child to ensure it is completed and returned.  We will discuss with you how your child best learns and you will be an integral partner in the learning process through your attendance at the regular meetings to discuss progress.

All newsletters and our website include ideas to support you supporting the literacy development of students.

How will I be involved in discussions about and planning for my child’s education?

You will be invited to annual reviews each academic year where these plans will be discussed and decisions made.  A copy of the decisions and plans agreed at the annual review will always be sent to you.  You will also be invited to parents’ evenings where progress will be shared and new targets discussed.

How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including trips?

Staff work hard to ensure that all activities are as accessible as possible to all students or appropriate variations of activities are offered.   Regular trips into the local community are arranged as well as annual residential trips for students in Years 7, 9, the Sixth Form, and for students with PMLD.

How accessible is the College environment?

OGC has two floors and there are lifts to the second floor.  There are 12 reserved disabled parking spaces in the car park and the College has a loop facility for those with a hearing impairment.  In addition we have disabled toileting facilities and four hygiene rooms.  Students can access the pool and trampolines using overhead hoists.  Manual hoists are also available for other activities.

Who can I contact for further information?

Please contact Heather Jefferies, PA to the Headteacher, for further information and she can ensure your questions are answered by the most appropriate person (01903 708870).

How will the College prepare and support my child to join and transfer to the next stage of their education?

Staff visit students in Year 6 and attend the annual reviews if necessary, in addition we also send staff to observe in feeder primary schools and invite children in to undertake induction sessions.

Students leaving OakGroveCollege are supported in choosing the appropriate next provision with Connexions and social services (where appropriate) and they will have the opportunity to attend induction days supported by OakGroveCollege staff who can gradually hand over to staff in the new education provider.

After the year 11 leaving date in June all students in school will be prepared for and acclimatised to their new teaching area for the following academic year.

How are the College’s resources allocated and matched to children’s SEN?

The College uses its entire dedicated schools grant to support and develop the resources (including staffing) to support all students.  We undertake significant fundraising and grant applications to support this to provide the best service for all of our students.

How will the College decide how the pupil premium is spent?

The pupil premium is a sum of money allocated to improving the achievement of those students who have free school meals.  This year all of this is allocated to provide 1:1 reading support sessions, additional staffing in maths and English, staff professional development for literacy skills, support for some educational trips and staffing to mentor students.