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Mission Statement

Oak Grove College Mission Statement

 All we do is underpinned by the principle of “Everyone matters, every day counts”.

 We will develop the capacity of students to think and act, both independently and responsibly.

We will equip students with the necessary skills and attitudes to access the wider community and become good citizens.

We will offer personalised learning, matched to the needs of each student.

We will engage and motivate students through high quality teaching and a customised curriculum.

We will support personal development through care, pastoral and behaviour management arrangements.

We will enhance development of students through delivery and reinforcement of therapy programmes.

We will review and evaluate the College’s work in order to improve it further.

We will work as a team to provide everybody at our College with a sense of belonging.

We will show care and treat each other with respect.

We will sustain a positive and rewarding climate for students, staff and others to work in, showing pride in effort and achievement.

We will ensure that there are effective communication systems, links with parents / carers and to the wider community.

We will recruit, train and support staff to create a highly competent team of reflective professionals.

We will develop and deploy resources to meet the full range and complexity of needs.

We will engage with other agencies to maximise support and opportunities for students.

We will offer a wide range of activities and experiences that promote and encourage positive links and involvement with the community.

We will share our resources and expertise with other schools, agencies and organisations, and we will be a force for good and positive change in the community.