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College Structure

The College operates a learning need (family group) based structure, with each group having its designated base in the building. In order to create balanced tutor groups and provide the most appropriate learning and support environment, some students are grouped differently and may be in tutor groups with a wider age range of students (especially those students with SLD & PMLD). However, for all students we aim to ensure that there are positive social and educational inclusion opportunities. We see this as essential to our goal of preparing students for being fully part of the community after College. Each hub is led by a Pastoral Leader who has overall pastoral responsibility for those in their group.

Leaders – Family Group Leaders

Name Family Group
Lisa Moore Avatar family group
Carrie-Anne Silence Marvel family group
Mike Spain Da Vinci family group
Samantha Taylor Complex Needs Coordinator for Animus family group and KOA family group
Susan Hindman Assistant Complex Needs Coordinator
Laura Vallone Pastoral Leader for 6th Form