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Koa Family Group

The Koa family group is split into Koa, which is KS3 and 4, and Koa 6th form, which is KS5. Students with Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) have access to a wide range of experiences during a typical week at college that include cooking, shopping, communication, music and community learning. In the sixth form, students build links with and work with Adult services such as Scope and Super Star Arts.

Koa works closely with a range of professionals including a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, dietitian and college doctor. We incorporate the targets and goals set by these professionals to ensure that the therapy needs for each individual student are incorporated into their day in such a way that creates opportunities for learning and independence.

Koa students benefit from regular routines and sessions that provide opportunities to anticipate and consolidate their learning. Their learning takes place across their whole day during curriculum based sessions, personal care, snack and lunch times. Students’ experiences are varied and often linked to different topics or themes depending on what the focus is that term. The main areas of learning for students in Koa are My Communication, communication, My Thinking, My Body, My Self and for the sixth form My Transition. As a department, we strive for and celebrate opportunities that allow the students opportunity to engage and make progress. No two successes are alike and every success is valued and celebrated in its own right.

Close links with our parents and carers are essential to support the ongoing development of our students. Good communication links through the home schoolbook and switches are essential to keep us up to date with significant events or changes, as well as the day-to-day routines and appointments. Staff love hearing about what the students have been doing over the weekend, so that we can engage with the students about their experiences.