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Our core purpose is ensuring all of our students are nurtured so that they develop the communication, social, life and vocational skills necessary to take an active role as citizens in the local, national and international community.

This is achieved by creative approaches to learning where many off site visits are undertaken, the grounds are used extensively and a practical approach to the curriculum is taken, underpinned by the development of literacy and numeracy.

Personal learning is central to our curriculum organisation where we adopt a competency based curriculum model.

It has five key areas:

  • Competencies for Learning
  • Competencies for Relating to People
  • Competencies for Managing Situations
  • Competencies for Citizenship
  • Competencies for Life
  • Competencies for Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (Avatar, Marvel and Da Vinci Family groups)

Below are links to specific areas of the college curriculum.

KS3 Curriculum

KS4 Curriculum

Koa Curriculum

Animus Curriculum

Sixth Form Curriculum

If you would like more information about the Oak Grove College Curriculum please contact

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James Winchester Assistant Headteacher jwinchester@oakgrovecollege.org.uk

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