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Animus Curriculum

In the Animus family group, a holistic approach is taken and the curriculum is personalised for each individual student.  It is important to engage with the individual in order to learn to help them move forward and we recognise that each student contains their own strengths, needs and interests that must be reflected in the curriculum; it is about recognising what they can achieve, not what they can’t.

Each student is assessed with their personalised needs by both classroom staff and other professionals who are involved in the care and development of the student. After this has been done each student has personalised targets written called ‘Key Progress Objectives’ which are done in partnership with home and other agencies. The Key Progress Objectives focus on the four key areas of our curriculum:

Communication Sensory Cognition Independence Physical Development

Students in Animus, have a personalised timetable based on their individual needs. This means that they will have access to the experiences that would most benefit their development and enjoyment. The students Personal Progress Objectives and timetable are reviewed at the end of each term to see if they still fully meet the individual’s needs.

To enrich the four main curriculum areas and to make sure that our students have a breadth of age appropriate experiences within their time at college, these experiences focus on using the senses to explore the world around them.

Alongside the topics based experiences students will also have other experiences/therapies such as Music Therapy, Horse riding, Rebound therapy, Technology, Swimming and Residential, Relaxation.

Animus Curriculum Document

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