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Sixth Form Curriculum

The Sixth Form at Oak Grove College, allows students to continue their studies while looking to prepare them for moving on to either further education or adult services. The Sixth Form has two routes available for students:

  • One Year Transition Course
  • Three Year Life Skills Course


One Year Transition Course

The purpose of the course is to continue to develop the students’ academic knowledge alongside vocational courses like performing arts and outdoor and practical learning. Students also spend one day at Northbrook College as part of the course.  By building in time at Northbrook College, the students become familiar with the structure and surroundings as well as gaining an insight into possible courses available to them when they leave Oak Grove College.  The design of this curriculum evolves each year depending on the interests of the cohort of students.

one Year sixth form

Three Year Life Skills Course

The three year life skills course aims for students to continue with academic subjects, though with a greater focus on developing skills to prepare students to be successful and develop independence ready for when they leave Oak Grove College.  Students have the opportunity to develop vital independence skills through subjects like travel training and meal preparation, whilst still learning and developing their personal and social skills.  The course is tailored to their needs with some students having a focus on developing communications skills through a specific curriculum.

 Three Year sixth form

Sixth Form Curriculum PDF

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