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Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Name Role
0036 Phillip Potter Headteacher
Will Shand Will Shand Deputy Head
David Holloway David Holloway Assistant Head
Sharron Kettlewell Sharon Kettlewell Business Manager
pen portrait James Winchester Assistant Head
Samantha Taylor Samantha Taylor Assistant Head

Extended Leadership Team

Name Area
Emily Armstrong Lead Teacher for the Arts
Georgia Conway Lead Teacher for ASC
Cathy Cremer Teaching Coach
Sarah Ellis Lead Teacher for Literacy and English
Robin Hallett Lead Teacher for PE/ OAA and Educational Visits Coordinator
Susie Hindman Assistant Complex Needs Coordinator
Gemma Kelly Lead Teacher for Maths & Numeracy and Professional Learning Coordinator
Lisa Moore Pastoral Leader: Avatar Family Group
Carrie-Anne Sillence Pastoral Leader: Marvel Family Group
Michael Spain Pastoral Leader: Da Vinci Family Group and Lead Teacher for Outdoor & Practical Subjects
Laura Vallone Pastoral Leader: 6th Form

Teaching Staff

Name Responsibility/Subject
William Bauress Outdoor and Practical Learning
Natalie Brees Maths (maternity)
Sharon Burt Animus
Sally Campion English
Carolyn Craig Koa
Anna Crowe Animus
Kevin Doherty English
Lisa Edwards Science
Caroline Elderfield Community Arts Teacher
Guy French Food Tech
Sarah Gladden Art
Jodie Golby Sports Coach
Claire Goodger Koa
Rob Harvey Koa
Peter Holt Humanities
Claire Jones Animus
Rachel Lane Koa
Mia Langley Koa 6th Form
Lucy Lock English
Marney Lowe 6th Form
June Martin Animus
Benjamin McGuire 6th Form
Ross McKay Physical Education
Victoria McWilliams Koa 6th Form
Claire Moyle Sports Coach and Extended Schools Lead
Jo Olney PD
Carol Noble 6th Form Curriculum Lead
Kenneth Park Koa 6th Form
Nina Pearson Maths
Matt Peel Sports Coach
Eleanor Punter Koa
Sandrea Randles Animus
Jane Reed Koa 6th Form
Carolien Reynolds Maths
Nicola Rugman Koa
Paul Senior Design Technology
Sarah Siggs Animus
Jeremy Spurr ICT
Lara Stacey Koa
Juliette van Noorden Drama
Amelia Whymark Film & Music
Kate Wilson Maths

Teaching Assistant Team

Name Responsibility
David Alderton Work Experience
Shelley Babbage Coordinator for Student Nurses
Luke Barker ICT
Anne Binder
Claire Booth
Alistair Borthwick
Jill Bruford
Tony Burchfield
Victoria Burchfield
Janet Cannon
Gemma Chadwick Manual Handling Lead
Francesca Cloake
Sarah Collier
Jade Cook
Caz Craigie
Lucy Crickmore
Louise Curran
Jane Dobson Literacy Resources TA
Anne Douglas Reading Recovery/Literacy Resources TA
Mary Doyle
Geoff Earl Outdoor and Practical Team
Corinne Early
Hayley Fox Arts Administrator
Barbara Franks KS3 LAC Mentor
Lori Funnell
Dee Griffiths Arts Administrator
Tina Hall
Sam Hayler
Courtney Hazlewood
Cerys Hickford
Jason Hobbs
Sophie Holyoake
Rebecca Hunt
Julie Higson Palatine
Kirsty Jackson May House
Vivien Jones Competency Coordinator
Adrian Knock
Jonathan Langtree
Keith Manville Manual Handling Lead
Sarah Marshall
Maria May
Christine Mayzes
Andrea McGill
Sarah Mitchell
Emma Moss
Debra Musgrave
Kate Natkiel
Steph O'Connor
Sue Oldfield
Marcelle Procter
Gill Reed
Shannon Rice-Cook
Matt Roberton Design Technology
Beth Robinson
Toni Rolph
Louisa Rudland(Mat)
Alison Rushman
Paul Sandford Maths
Kayleigh Smalley
Claire Sparshott
Odile Stanbridge
Susan Stenning
Caroline Stripp
Helen Taylor
Greg Trencher PE
Tracy Walker Science
Sophie Walker
Tanya Wearing
Heather Whiting Learning Mentor
Jane Whittington
Karrie Williams
Kelly Wilson
Louise Wilson
Susan Yates Special Events Support

Cover Staff

Rob Carpenter Cover Supervisor
Heidi Langan Cover Supervisor
Laura Langan Cover Supervisor
Kelly Mulcahy Cover Supervisor
Claire Taylor Cover Supervisor

Business Support Team

Name Role
Alison Baylis Receptionist
Anthony Coppard Premises Manager
Lesley Crosby School Fund Officer
Stacey Davidson Admin Assistant
Andrew Dean Premises Team
John Henty IT Technician/Network Manager
Heather Jefferies PA to Headteacher
Alison Malcolmson Annual Review/Exams Officer
Robin Seymour Premises Team
Ryan Turk Premises Team
Waterston Jeannette Bursar

Pastoral Support Team

Name Role
Elspeth Cloake Pastoral Coordinator: Safeguarding Lead
Kerry Haffenden Pastoral Officer
Robert Mayzes Pastoral Officer: Safeguarding Lead

Midday Meals Supervisors

Julie Bennett
Susan Churchill
Lina Foschini-Shaw
Charmaine Huggins
Victoria Mitchell
Allison Mottau
Marilyn Renner
Louise Roberts
Tara Robinson
Katie Strong
Yvonne Thatcher
Barbara Thorpe
Jo Uttridge

School Nurses

Name Role
Sally Worsfold-Gwyn Children's Staff Nurse
Carla Tullett School Nurse

Staff who work in OGC for contractor/different employer:


Name Role
Dr Sue Coldwell Community Paediatrician
Sarah Pannell Physiotherapist
Sally Vye Physiotherapist
Kayleigh Sidwell Physiotherapy Technical Instructor
Karen Cruicks Sensory Support – Hearing
Angela Hayman Sensory Support – VI


Name Role
Hollie Boyes Speech and Language Therapist
Frances Hermanns Speech and Language Therapist
Rachael Lee Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist
Andrea Nash Speech & Language – School Aged Complex Needs Lead

Educational Psychologist

Name Role
Priya Eaglestone Educational Psychologist

Occupational Therapist

Name Role
Helen Justice Occupational Therapist
Ceri Byrne Occupational Therapist


Tanya Druce
Mandy Richards


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