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At Key Stage 3 students follow a varied art curriculum, encompassing painting, drawing, mixed media and sculpture, designed to give them the opportunity to explore their creativity, develop a range of artistic skills and a broad knowledge of artists and cultures from around the world.

At KS4 GCSE art and design is a popular and successful subject within the college. Students follow an exciting and engaging course, which allows them to explore the work of a range of artists, learn various art techniques and develop their creative thinking skills and achieve their full potential in a supportive and stimulating environment. As part of the course students enjoy the opportunity to visit art galleries in London and Brighton.

If you would like to view the students’ creative achievements please visit the Oak Grove Art Gallery at http://www.flickr.com/photos/oakgroveartgallery/

Art curriculum information


Photography is taught across the college as part of the Art curriculum.  Currently it is also being offered to our 1 year 6th Form students who are studying for a BTEC Level 1/2 in photography.


Film is taught across the college in many areas of the curriculum. In KS4 students can opt to take Film as a discrete subject, where they learn in more detail about the medium of film and undertake a number of projects learning film making skills.

Visual Arts

Oak Grove College provides many opportunities for students to participate in extra curricular Art activities, to visit art galleries and for their own work to be exhibited, both in college and in the wider community.

Examples of these in 2014:

  • Art Exhibition at the Worthing Museum
  • Big Draw Day
  • Arts trips
  • Opportunities to work alongside professional artists
  • Curriculum and accreditation