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Food Technology/ Catering

Here in the Catering Department at Oak Grove College we are passionate about food and cooking. We believe in giving students the opportunity to develop skills and enthusiasm that will last a lifetime whether they cook professionally or for friends and family.

We aim to cook seasonally, utilising produce from the college gardens to produce dishes that are exciting, nutritious and affordable. We also provide students with the ability to expand their food and taste experiences, often with surprising results. They are able to take their creations home but often enjoy sharing them with staff and other students.

We work with our students to develop a wide range of cookery skills but also seek to build levels of confidence, independence, and their ability to work with others whilst also making the most of opportunities to develop their literacy and numeracy. We aim to help them make choices about their work and through this build their self esteem and confidence.

Students have the opportunity to work within the department from Year 7, gradually developing their knowledge and skills that enable them in Year 10 and 11 to take the Jamie Oliver BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Home Cooking Skills. If they choose to stay on into the 6th Form they then have the opportunity to undertake the Level 2 Certificate.

Whether or not they move on to undertake formal qualifications, students can progress through a system of graded colour neckerchiefs, to wear with their catering jackets. These are awarded for excellent work, effort and behaviour.

Throughout their time in college, students have the opportunity to help cater at college functions such as Leavers’ Evenings, Arts Evenings and a variety of fundraising events. They have also participated in the catering for the Worthing Seed Swap which as an annual external event hosted at the college.

A number of students have undertaken higher level catering courses at both Northbrook and Chichester Colleges before pursuing careers as professional chefs.
In the past we have run Family Cookery sessions, providing parents with the opportunity to share the enjoyment of cooking with their children and we are hoping to run a another session this year.