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Autumn Term Planners

Yr 7 Planner

In a world where information and technology is everywhere around us, it is vital that our students are taught to use the available technology safely, and in their best interests. At Oak Grove College all students have access to ICT at the level best suited to each student. E-safety lies at the heart of all we do and students are taught about the dangers that can lurk in the modern world if they do not follow simple rules. They are taught about the SMART rules for working with ICT –

S – Be SAFE and take care not to give out personal information
M – Avoid face to face MEETINGS with online friends unless accompanied by a trusted adult
A – Don’t ACCEPT e-mails texts and messages from people or numbers they don’t know
R – Not everything on the internet is RELIABLE, things may not always be what or who they seem
TTELL a trusted adult if they are ever bullied or unsure about something

Young People & Social Networking Sites click on the link for more information

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Website

ICT at Oak Grove College has several strands. We have a specialist IT suite with 12 wired PCs, where the majority of ICT lessons take place. Students are taught how to use the college network, use e-mail, access the internet, and develop presentation and reporting skills. If appropriate they can also learn simple programming and coding. They will also learn some of the tricks of the trade for photography, film-making and animation.

Of course ICT has a role to play in other subjects and students have access to computers in every area of the college. Increasingly we are moving towards mobile technology. One of the challenges the college faces as the pace of development of mobile technology increases, is to ensure that access remains safe for all our students in the classrooms. Wireless laptops are available to students in KS4, and iPads are slowly becoming available for students to use in Music, Art and PE. As more iPads are bought by the college, they will become very valuable tools for our students with ASC, as aids to communication, and also a fun way to learn.

We have several purpose built sensory rooms in the college that are excellent learning environments for some of our students with Severe, Profound or Multiple Learning Difficulties (SLD and PMLD). We are fortunate at Oak Grove College to have several staff who are at the forefront of developing sensory software.

The college is moving towards developing accreditation for students. Students in Year 10 do the groundwork to be ready to take OCR (R441) Entry Level qualifications in Year 11 or the 6th Form, whichever is most appropriate for them. Students who do not achieve accreditation will have a full description of their achievements as an Oak Grove College ICT leaving certificate.

Above all else ICT provides the skills for students to be digital citizens in a modern world.

Minecraft Group projects

Some students in Year 10 have been looking into what makes an airport run smoothly and jobs that make up the day to day running of an airport.

It has been wonderful to see students working hard together and some taking Leadership/Project management roles.

I’d like to say Well done to Class 10X1/it.