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In the Maths Department at Oak Grove College we have a dedicated specialist team of Maths teachers who strive to support students in functional numeracy; to help prepare them for adult life and also to enable them to achieve the best qualification they can. Each term we have a functional maths skill focus. These are:

  • Autumn term – Time (Click here to find out more)
  • Spring term – Money (Click here to find out more)
  • Summer term – Measures (Click here to find out more)

We work hard to ensure students feel supported, confident and interested in their lessons.  We make learning engaging, appropriate for the individual child and relevant to the world around them.

MLD Maths Team

Gemma Kelly – Lead Teacher of Numeracy & CPD Co-ordinator

Natalie Brees – Teacher

Laura Vallone – Teacher & Pastoral Leader of 1 Year 6th Form

Lisa Parsons – Teacher & Pastoral Leader of Avatar Family Group

Jane Reed – Teacher

Nina Pearson – 6th Form Teacher

Mia Langley – 6th Form Teacher

Georgia Conway – 6th Form Teacher & Lead Teacher of ASC

Carol Noble – 6th Form Teacher

Laura Langan – Intervention


At KS4 and in the Sixth Form we offer ASDAN Numeracy, Functional Skills Maths and GCSE Maths accreditation, according to student requirements, and students achieve excellent results.

How can you help your child?

Families can support by helping their child to familiarise themselves with:

  • Money by taking them shopping and asking them to pay and work out change;
  • Measures by asking them to help measure out quantities when doing the cooking;
  • Time by providing them with access to both an analogue and digital clock/watch and by asking them questions about how long things take, what time would we need to leave etc.

You can also encourage your child to practise their mental maths skills by using “Sumdog”.  Sumdog is an engaging online programme which adjusts the level of challenge according to students’ accuracy and speed of answers. Your child has their log in details, however, should they have forgotten them, contact their maths teacher who will have the log in details.

We also have a subscription to the ‘MyMaths’ website where some students are asked to complete their homework.

The college login details are:

Login – OGC

Password – number

Students have individual logins and passwords for their portal.  Please feel free to consult their Maths teacher to obtain these details or if you have any further queries.

Below are links to our College Maths Policy and our Progression in Calculation policy. The latter explains the methods of calculation we teach our students. If you have any enquiries about how to use any of these methods of calculations, please contact Gemma Kelly, Lead Teacher of Numeracy, and she will talk you through them.

We thank you for your continued support.


Sumdog Maths


OGC Numeracy Policy

OGC Progression of Methods of Calculation Policy