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The music department at Oak Grove College is a very busy place. As well as classroom music we also offer individual instrumental lessons and the opportunity to be involved in bands, choirs and the school show. We regularly take part in community music events such as Skool’Fest (Northbrook College) and have also been part of the Music for Youth National Festival in Birmingham on several occasions.

Year 7 and 8

Students experience a wide range of music from different times and cultures including playing our set of Taiko drums (Japan), the Gamelan (Indonesia), the Blues, Musical Theatre and film music. They sing and play instruments in a group and through developing their musicality they improve their literacy and numeracy as well as their social and communication skills.

Year 9

In year 9 our approach to music shifts to a more student-led approach where young people are encouraged to share the music that they wish to learn and then we empower them to do this. Often this will involve them forming bands and then finding out how to play what they want and taking responsibility for the process. This develops self-esteem, independence, and communication skills and also helps students decide if they wish to study music in years 10&11.


The accreditation options in Music are entirely personalised to the needs of each student and have included: GCSE Music, Rockschool Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates in Performance or Composition, NCFE Entry Level Award in Performance and graded examinations on instruments. The curriculum in year 10&11 reflects the needs of the group and may be focused on rock music performance or may be a balance of performance and composition activities.

KOA and Animus

In Koa family group the music curriculum reflects the topic that is being studied across all subject areas. Each half term we focus on two of the musical elements, so developing skills and understanding of tempo, pitch, dynamics, texture, timbre and duration. iPads, Beamz and SoundBeam technologies are used to support students in Koa and Animus in developing their musicality. Many of our Koa students gain an Entry Level qualification in Performance Skills in Year 11