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The PE department focuses on providing students with opportunities to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively through a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to their age, level of understanding and need. The programme of activity has structured and developmental units of work set out on a half termly or termly basis within each area of activity. This structure provides a sense of progression, challenge and achievement.

Oak Grove College strives to be a healthy school and PE plays an important role in this. PE is a practical based subject that enables all students to participate in enjoyable, exciting and challenging physical activities. These, in turn, generate good health, fitness and feelings of contentment. PE encourages positive thinking, positive actions, leadership, co-operation, tolerance and respect for others. In addition to this PE also develops students’ ability to manage the body in a variety of aesthetic, competitive and challenging situations. Physical Education nurtures technical, social and judgemental skills and re-enforces more general skills such as communication, reasoning, problem solving and citizenship. The department promotes a student-centred approach with teaching tailored to the needs of individual students.

We have a well-developed afterschool extracurricular programme that includes opportunities for all levels with the emphasis on fun in a range of different sports. For some students this leads to competition and elite performances. Currently we have students of all learning abilities competing at National levels in Athletics, Swimming and Tennis through the Special Olympics programme with which we have strong links.

The PE uniform is a blue Polo shirt with OGC logo, black shorts or tracksuit bottoms and appropriate trainers. A sweatshirt can be worn when the weather is colder. Parents can support the delivery of PE by ensuring students are dressed ready for physical activity.

The outdoor education department

The outdoor education department organises a successful programme of day trips and residential weeks to enable the students at Oak Grove College to try adventurous sports in different environments.

Through outdoor education, the students have the opportunity to try something new and gain a real sense of achievement as they persevere in developing new practical, communication and leadership skills. Participation in outdoor education sees students’ self-esteem and confidence grow. They learn to communicate effectively with peers, improve teamwork, listen to instructions and recognise that if they keep trying, even when something is difficult, asking for help and perseverance with enable them to reach their goals.





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