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Our Aim:

We are dedicated to providing the opportunity to all our students to reach their full potential in Science and to planning science lessons with content relevant to all students.

We reinforce the importance of strong literacy and numeracy skills, as part of a whole school policy, by planning tasks that allow continued practice and revision of these skills throughout each science module.

The laboratory:

At Oak Grove College students benefit from a fully equipped laboratory classroom that allows for full study of all three science subjects.

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The Curriculum:

MLD students at the College follow a specifically designed long term plan that follows the current national curriculum recommendations.

In Key Stage 3 each unit of work lasts for half a term and focuses on a biology, chemistry or physics topic. This is evenly shared so that each year students will spend two half terms studying topics linked to each of the three science disciplines.

In Key Stage 4 the students begin their accreditation journey and are able to work towards a qualification matching their ability. Generally in Key Stage 4 the units of work last for a full term to incorporate the practical controlled assessments required for each accreditation. This academic year we are offering an Entry level and/or GCSE science course to KS4 students who have opted to continue their studies in science in year 10 and 11.


Science can be a very challenging subject; with a long list of varied topics related to the world around us. Support at home will ensure the best results and empower the students to feel confident and able to try new things.

The best support would be to encourage your child to talk about their science lessons each week. By teaching others and passing on their new knowledge students will really engage with what they are learning.

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