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Sixth Form

Oak Grove College Sixth Form One Year Transition Course and Three Year Life Skills Course offers students a wide range of subjects through a varied, individualised curriculum.
The One Year Transition Course offers the opportunity to link with Further Education Colleges in preparation for transition. Students can study the following academic and vocational courses:

  • GCSE in English, Mathematics, Art, Music
  • Functional Skills accreditation in English and Mathematics
  • The Cambridge Progression Award in Mathematics
  • BTEC Performing Arts
  • BTEC Photography Award
  • Food Tech accreditation course
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Rockschool Diploma for Musical Practitioners

The Three Year curriculum offers Life Skills Courses designed to develop independency. Students are exposed to a wealth of opportunities including:

  • Functional Skills Entry Level in English, Mathematics, History, Computing
  • ASDAN Personal and Social Development
  • BTEC Photography Award
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Life Skills such as Travel Training and Meal Preparation

Throughout their time in the Sixth Form, students have opportunities to share their achievements with their peers, parents/carers and the wider community through charitable events, art exhibitions, drama performances and college events such as the annual plant and vegetable sale.
The curriculum is designed to empower our students to identify the best path for them and assist them during the transition from Sixth Form to future placements. Students and families are supported throughout the process by West Sussex Post 19 providers, Careers Advisors, Social Workers and Independent Living Provision providers. This gives our students and their families the knowledge and confidence to make suitable choices.

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