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Sixth Form

Oak Grove College Sixth Form One Year Transition Course and Three Year Life Skills Course offers students a wide range of subjects through a varied, individualised curriculum.


One Year Transition Course

The purpose of the Three day course is to continue development of the students’ academic skills alongside learning more vocational skills through interests such as Sports Leaders, ICT and catering. The design of this curriculum evolves each year depending on the particular interests of the cohort of students. To aid transition students will also attend one day at a Further Education College. This college day enables students to become familiar with the structure and surroundings of a new environment as well as gaining an insight into possible courses available to them when they leave Oak Grove College. In addition to college, students will engage in a work experience placement. This gives our young adults the opportunity of experiencing a workplace environment with the emphasis on commitment to a job.


Three Year Life Skills Course

The Three-year programme will offer our young adults Life Skills in Year 12, Work Related Learning Skills in Year 13 and work experience in Year 14.

The Three-year life skills programme provides students with support to continue to develop and/or broaden their academic skills with a close focus on how these skills are needed in everyday living- both domestic and at work. The course focuses on preparing students to develop independence skills, at the appropriate level to their needs, in order to prepare them for when they leave Oak Grove College. Students will work on independence skills through classes such as travel training and independent life skills. As the course progresses students also undertake classes in work related learning in a variety of areas such as running the Sixth Form cafe, working as a team on gardening and construction projects, or running their own chosen enterprise project. Throughout these classes the students will focus on the development of their personal and social skills to build up units for the ASDAN PSD qualification, and the development of work skills for the ASDAN Employability qualification. Students who are reaching the end of their course (usually in Year 14) will also have the opportunity to attend a work experience placement or a similarly suitable placement to help in their transition on from Oak Grove College.

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