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Personal Development

Sex and Relationship Education at Oak Grove College

Sex and Relationship Education is part of our Personal Development curriculum at Oak Grove College.

Personal Development involves teaching and learning about ourselves and others as well as focusing on key issues that young people face as they grow up and enter the adult world.

Our aim is to enable our students to recognise and own their thoughts, feelings and behaviour towards key aspects of life.

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is taught in every year group starting in year 7 with personal hygiene and making positive friendships.  As the students move up through college more topics are added to the curriculum.

The SRE curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of all our students.  Some classes are taught throughout the year as part of their everyday learning and care routines.  Others learn in a specific unit of SRE in a half term; parents/carers are informed of when this will happen.

Specific classes are generally taught to single sex groups and male and female staff teach to the same sex group.  We also work closely with the school nurse who joins classes or can talk on a one to one basis with students where appropriate.