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Preparation for Life after Oak Grove College

Work Experience

Alongside the academic studies the students undertake, in the last year of their course they are offered the opportunity of a one day a week work experience placement in an area of work as close to their aspirations as can be arranged.

During this placement the students are expected to take responsibility for their travel and attendance. Students are expected to travel independently to and from the placement (whether this be by public bus or family support) and keep in contact with their supervisor should they be unable to come to work.

This opportunity develops students’ skills for life after school through enhancing their confidence in a community based environment. It also develops their knowledge of what it is like to work.

Below is short video of some of our Sixth form students describing their experiences of Work experience this year –

Links with FE Colleges

Students are given the opportunity to attend one day link courses with either Northbrook or Brinsbury College. By building in some time at an FE college the students become familiar with the structure and surroundings as well as gaining an insight into possible courses available to them when they leave Oak Grove.

In Yr 10 and 11, students in Marvel, Avatar and Da Vinci spend one day a week at Northbrook College to enable students to start to manage and cope with transitions and be better informed when it comes to making choices for Post 16 and 19 provision.


Enterprise forms a part of the Sixth Form curriculum which is designed to aid transition from education by developing life skills through working as a team to set up and run a business or social enterprise.

Students have the opportunity to work as part of a team and take on a job role to be responsible for an area of the business such as Finance, Sales or Marketing. In the team students will manage money, open a bank account and learn to interact with customers and business people. These experiences help develop their skills as well as providing further insights into how the world outside Oak Grove operates.

Personal Development and Support

Students are also prepared for life after Oak Grove through tutor support. In addition to things like preparing CVs and evaluating likes and dislikes, tutors will advise students and their support network on possible next steps through Annual Reviews, guest speakers and visits to local adult provisions. There is also a yearly Transition ‘Fair’ where a great many adult providers from West Sussex and beyond have a stall and are available to discuss options.