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School Performance

Explanation of Accreditation

At Oak Grove College, students have the opportunity to obtain a range of accreditation at KS4 and in the 6th Form. This accreditation ranges from GCSE to Entry Level. Below is a diagram outlining what the accreditation means and how Entry Level and Level 1-2 qualifications match up to GCSE.



Progress 8 Score 2018-19 : -1.65

Attainment 8 Score 2018-19: 2

Percentage of students staying in education or going into employment after KS4 2018-19: 95%

Below is a summary of the achievement of students for 2019-20

Y10 Qualifications

  • Entry Level Certificate English
  • Functional Skills English
  • Entry Level Maths
  • Entry Level PE Unit Award
No of awards Yr 10 30
Total no of students 31
Pass Rate 97%
Average per student 1

Y11 Qualifications

  • GCSE and Entry Level Art
  • GCSE and Entry Level Maths
  • GCSE and Entry Level English
  • GCSE and Entry Level Science
  • GCSE and Entry Level PE
  • Sports Leaders Award
  • Entry Level ICT
  • Entry Level Creative Media
  • RSL Level 2 Certificate in Music
  • RSL Level 1 Certificate in Music Theatre Performance
  • Healthy Living Level 1
  • Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award
  • BTEC Home Cooking Skills Level 1
No of Awards Yr 11 107
Total no of students 29
Pass Rate 96%
Average per student 3.7
GCSE Breakdown
Total Entered 28
Total Passed 28
5 to 9 1
1 to 4 27
Pass Rate 100%

6th Form Qualifications

  • Open Awards Entry Level Pathways 1-3
  • Open Awards Pathways Level 1
  • ASDAN Personal Progress
Total No of Awards 6th form 22
Total no of students 18
Pass Rate 100%
Average per student 21.2

School Performance Table
– please click on the link to view the Department of Education’s School Performance Table for Oak Grove College