Welcome to Oak Grove College

Everyone Matters, Every day Counts


We respect ourselves and those around us


We try our best in everything


We work together to provide a sense of belonging

Welcome to Oak Grove College

Everyone Matters, Every day Counts

Headteacher’s welcome

It is a privilege to be Headteacher here at Oak Grove College working with our students and leading a team of excellent staff, who are dedicated to providing the best in terms of education, care and support for all.  

Ensuring that all students, families, and staff feel part of a vibrant community is core to all we do.  

We seek to develop the ‘whole’ individual within an environment where the self-esteem of our students is nurtured so that they can develop and flourish. We work with a range of partnership agencies to ensure the best for everyone.  

Oak Grove College is part of a wider federation of special schools including Cornfield School, Herons Dale Primary School and Palatine Primary School who work to ensure the most effective use of resources so that the best possible service is provided for all.  

We believe in a partnership approach to all aspects of college life and we welcome and encourage full involvement from families, outside agencies and research and training providers. We work directly with universities for the training of teachers, physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, and social workers and staff contribute as trustees in a range of organisations that provide support for our community.

As a community we undertake research, use research, are reflective and developmental and we adapt what we do to meet the needs of our young people.  

It is important that we provide all of our students with a range of novel and exciting experiences, and we use the Arts as a vehicle to enable this. All our teams contribute to providing personal development opportunities for our students and I am privileged to lead a great team of staff who are committed to, as a team, providing the very best.  

Oak Grove College seeks to be at the heart of the community we serve and we wish the experience of every student here to be one where:“Everyone matters, every day counts”. 


Phillip Potter



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