Our 6th Form students have been working on some poems to express how the lockdown has felt for them. We are really proud of the way that they have used these to express themselves and they are really powerful in terms of getting across how the lockdown has felt for our young people.


I feel trapped

I feel bored

I feel angry

I feel worried

I feel happy

I feel excited to go out,

to have fun and meet people again.

Oliver Chaplin


I am gutted to be trapped behind these walls.

I feel like a knight guarding the battlement.

Fun and cheer are not found near.

Sad and loss can only be found here.

Until the legion of Covid is clear.

Tony Newman


Lockdown made me feel I am trapped in my house.

I would like to see my family up in Le Harve in France.

I would be furious if I didn’t see my cousins in Le Harve.

I would like Lockdown to be over.

John Perkins


With lockdown on I feel sad

I hope tomorrow will be joyful

But I always have a frowny face

I look to my family and feel happy

I think about my friends and start smiling

And hope I will meet them again soon

Max Wallis


Lockdown makes me feel angry

Lockdown makes me feel sad

Lockdown makes me feel confused

Lockdown makes me feel bored

Lockdown makes me feel scared

Lockdown makes me feel annoyed

Lockdown makes me feel worried

Lockdown makes me feel furious


I want to be free

I want to see family

I want to be happy

I want to see friends

I want to be excited it’s over



A – AJ hates lockdown.

B – Because he feels stuck inside.

C – Can he help the NHS.

D – Do great survival

E – Eat healthy food

F – Fantastic stories

H – Have a break

I – I am being worked hard

J – Just try your best

K – Kick a ball around the field

L – Let the Force be with you

M – My family helped me sometimes

N – Nobody can harm me

O – Only my PC is the old reliable

AJ Salisbury







Lockdown is boring

Only at home

Cake making

Keys please

Dog walking

Only at home

Washing hands

Naughty Coronavirus

Tara Gillen


Loved my dog

Only seeing my bubble

Confused about how the bubble works

Keep yourself safe

Dog died in lockdown

Oh no I lost my license

When will I see my brother

Not going out

Ewan Mackenzie


Lockdown is a little confusing

Only stuck at home

Cake making

Keep safe

Dragons to beat coronavirus

Open the door for exercise

Wash your hands

Now Coronavirus can go away

Alessia Ferri


Lockdown could be fun

Oh no boring boring boring

Crazy Oscar running in the garden

Keep safe please

Dad has been silly

Outside playing in the garden

Whistling indoors

Natalie was good at school



Lockdown is pants

Oh no

Camcorder watching all the time

Keep the NHS safe

Dumbledore to kick Coronavirus

Open everything please

Wishing that Corona goes away

NHS are heroes

Molly Green


Lockdown is bad

Oh no school is shut

Cake making

Keep safe

Don’t go near others

Only see your family

Wash your hands

NHS is amazing

Rahkar Warren


Lockdown was boring

Oh no what shall I do?

Cake baking again

Keep safe

Dad was missed

Outside playing football

Watching TV

NHS we thankyou

Katie Dunckley

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