Charging Policy

No charges are made for general curriculum lessons.  However, practical subjects such as food technology, and design technology where there are significant material costs we ask families to help meet those costs.  Discretionary funds are held to cover those students where there is genuine difficulty in paying in order that they can access the required curriculum.

From time to time, visits are arranged to enrich the educational opportunities of the students, and families are asked to make a voluntary contribution to cover the costs, such as the entrance fee to a museum.  Additional costs are also incurred when we arrange for specialist visitors to come into college to deliver enhanced curriculum experiences.  If we do not receive sufficient support from families, we may not be able to proceed with the planned visit.

For residential visits, the full cost is charged to families but in certain circumstances, financial support may be available from discretionary funds, from Social Services, through voluntary funds or local charities.  The college will support parents in making application to those sources.  Families should contact the college Operations Manager Sam Barker ( to discuss this.


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