Dear Parents/ Carers,

I hope you are well and all your families are safe.

I wanted to let you know about the college plans for the run up to Christmas.

Christmas will be different this year and we will need to be clear about what we can do and what we will need to prepare to do and what we cannot do.

We want students to feel it is Christmas and we recognise that for everyone it will be very different (and therefore strange and make people anxious/ feel flat) this year but that we also want everyone to be safe.


Northbrook Met will not be open in the last week of term so Year 10 students will not be in college on Monday 14th December, they will provide remote learning. The SAND project and Brinsbury are operating as normal in that week.

Christmas lunch will happen on the following days for students (please note this is different from the letters that were sent out as sixth form will be at college).

Tuesday 15th December – Koa (Hall) and Animus (in class)

Wednesday 16th December – Sixth Form

Thursday 17th December – KS3 and 4

Christmas Cards:

We will have a postbox for Christmas cards to go in, the last date these will be accepted is Monday 13th December and then they will be sorted and issued on Thursday 17th December. We need to include the class or surname of the student on the envelopes.

The dates allow for a quarantine period as we wish to discourage students passing cards around.

Koa Enterprise Christmas Market:

This will happen at a class level and they will offer to families and staff the goods for sale and these will be available for people to collect.

Christmas Jumper day:

We will have a non uniform day where students can wear a Christmas jumper or normal non uniform if they want on Friday 11th December.  Donations can be made to Save the Children.

Thursday 17th December will also be a non uniform day.


Please see the information at the end of this from the students working with the SAND project.

Following our risk assessment we know that we won’t be able to undertake some activities we normally would like the disco, parties or any mixing of class groups.


We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in achieving the Wellbeing in Schools Award. The award supported us as a college to reflect on the whole culture of the college in relation to wellbeing for all stakeholders – students, staff, families and community.

At Oak Grove College we believe strongly in ‘Everyone Matters Everyday Counts’ and we wanted to use this accreditation to recognise the work which we are doing but also to support to improve our work further.

The lead verifier commented on the strengths of the college and the impact they have had. For families he recognised

The college have been proactive in the support they offer families which has been enhanced. They have developed highly effective 2-way communication approaches which enable them to be supportive of parents and responsive to concerns or needs that might be identified.’

Students have a curriculum that is ‘deeply personalised and based on supporting the development of every individual within an environment both therapeutic and learning based’. In addition, this access to ‘personalised support is widely available to all members of the college community and the offer to students, parents and staff is constantly evolving’.

It was great that the verifier acknowledge the impact that all staff have on the emotional wellbeing of our community and that there was a ‘real sense of  being a team and of there being teams within teams. Classroom teams felt valued and were cohesive’.

We are proud to share this achievement with all in the Oak Grove College community and recognise there is always further work to be done and we will continue to review and refine what we do as a college in terms of supporting positive mental health and wellbeing.

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.

Yours sincerely


Phillip Potter





Christmas 2020 Families info

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