Dear Parents/ Carers,

The government guidance is about to change again and nationally we are stepping down the mitigations and protective mechanisms around society.

Currently Oak Grove College has quite a high number of students who have tested positive with COVID-19. We are emailing all relevant form groups when there are cases in class to ask families to ensure daily testing of students is undertaken. This continues to identify positive students. If a student cannot tolerate testing then it is important that family members undertake daily testing.

I have had a number of recent conversations with families regarding the guidance and worries over this.  Clearly as a society we are trying to move forward to as normal scenarios as possible, as safely as possible.

Due to the current situation we will be keeping our expectation that staff and students will continue to wear face masks in communal areas, as they move around the college, when we do the start and end of the day and when we are undertaking close work with students.  This is beyond the current guidance.

We will also continue to keep all reviews and parent/carers consultations online (and we are seeing higher levels of attendance for these due to this).  We will also keep the current staggered start/finishes and we are continuing to open up the number of offsite activities we are undertaking.

I appreciate your continuing support and flexibility in managing what continues to be an ongoing scenario.

As ever if you wish to discuss this with me please email me at or I am available to speak on the phone between 1:30 and 2:30pm.

Yours sincerely,


Phillip Potter


to parents COVID-19 update 220127


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