Dear Parents/ Carers,

I hope you have had a fun, restful and relaxing half term.

The rules around the Covid 19 pandemic were changed during the half term holiday and more specific guidance was issued to special schools on 24th February. This is different to the guidance that has been in the media and it is therefore important that we are all familiar with its key points.

The guidance can be found at:

Special schools and other specialist settings: coronavirus (COVID-19) – GOV.UK (


Twice weekly testing remains and students and staff taking part in the testing should continue to test on a Sunday and Wednesday.

As these tests are now being restricted it is even more important that ALL test results are recorded on the NHS system.  If you need testing kits please email your young persons form tutor and we will send them home with more tests.

If I am positive with Covid 19? 

You still need to self-isolate for 5 days and take tests on days 5 and 6 to ‘release’ you. The law no longer requires you to self isolate. This is a big change but you are still expected to self isolate.

Students with the symptoms of covid will be sent home and must be tested.

There will be no contact tracing in college apart from where we know there are students or colleagues who are immuno suppressed.

This is a significant part of the move to normality and will feel unusual and potentially unsettling after the last two years.

Face coverings:  

Guidance says these no longer need to be worn. If students would prefer to carry on wearing them: that is perfectly acceptable, especially in communal and crowded areas.  

Staff will still wear face masks in close contact situations.  

Key things to still do:  

Hand hygiene is still crucial. Hand washing should be maintained as a regular and ongoing routine.

Ventilation is still vitally important so please ensure that all young people have a coat with them.

The recommendations to self isolate and the need for testing are what protects our diverse community. We do have many people in college (students and staff) who need us all to follow this due to their complex medical needs. The need to self isolate also means that staffing availability could mean I need to ask classes to remain at home.

If you have concerns around this please email me at

Thank you for your ongoing hard work.

Yours sincerely


Phillip Potter 



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