Our Giant Land Snails Dougie and Daphne are pleased to announce the arrival of their babies.



It is well known that the benefits of pets for children can be major:
Eight of these cute little molluscs are now ready to leave Oak Grove and start a new life with a loving family.

  1. They reduce anxiety
  2. Help children to learn how to be kind & empathetic
  3. They give children a sense of responsibility
  4. They give them an interest away from technology

Giant Land snails are the perfect easy and interesting pet, Minimal time to clean and care and cheap to feed. And believe it or not if handled regularly they develop quite funny characters.

If your child has expressed an interest in having one of our slimy offspring and you would feel happy and able to support them caring for one please fill in the slip below and return to Lisa Edwards, Science Teacher at Oak Grove College.

See attached form and guide for caring –



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