Thrive Federation of Special Schools

The Federation was formed out of a desire to work closely with other schools and to maximise the potential of sharing expertise, experience and resources to benefit students and staff in the four schools. Regular opportunities for shared INSET days, the potential to share costs of specialist staff/resources, etc and the opportunity for Headteachers to work closely together are very beneficial.

The Thrive Federation of Special School includes

  • Cornfield School provides education for 9-16 year olds with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs as a primary need and is led by Mrs M Davis as Headteacher
  • Herons Dale School provides education for 4-11 year olds in a generic primary special school environment and is led by Isabel Robson as Headteacher
  • Oak Grove College provides education for 11-19 year olds in a generic secondary special school environment and is led by Phillip Potter as Headteacher
  • Palatine Primary School provides education for 4-11 year old in a generic primary special school environment and is led by Catriona Goldsmith as Headteacher

The aim of the Thrive Federation is to ensure all of our young people from 4- 19 years of age can benefit from “Learning without limits”.

There are a number of policies that apply across all four schools and other policies are operated at a school level.

The Federation Governing Body


The Federation Governing Body (FedGB) is the legal Governing Body and has equal representation from the four schools, including the four headteachers. It meets at least once each term.
The Governing Body is legally bound by agreed Statutory Responsibilities and Terms of Reference.

Each school has its own DFE number and its own delegated budget.
The FedGB has an agreed Schedule of Delegation, through which responsibility for the day to day management of individual schools is delegated to the Headteacher and Management Committee (MC).
Each MC must meet at least once a term and reports directly to the FedGB but is responsible for its own schedule of work and organisation, within their own agreed Terms of Reference.

  • The Chair of the Thrive Federation Governing Body is Grahame Robson
  • The Co Chairs of the OGC Management Committee are: Liz Cook and Chrissie Chalmers
  • The Vice Chair of the OGC Management Committee is: Raye Mills
  • The safeguarding governors are: Raye Mills Chrissie Chalmers and Joe Lightbody
  • The health and safety governors are Liz Cook and Ross McKay
  • The associate governor for oversight of CLA and PPG students is: Liz Cook
  • The associate governor for oversight of the website is: Liz Cook

Oak Grove College Management Committee

Liz Cook Co-Chair of OGC Management Committee
Chrissie Chalmers Co-Chair of OGC Management Committee
Raye Mills Vice Chair of OGC Management Committee
Rebecca Tonks Associate Member
Caroline Nicholls Community Member
Ross McKay Staff Governor
Ann Schreiner Parent Governor
Cathy Cremer Associate Member


Contact the OGC Management Committee


If you wish to contact members of the OGC Management Committee to have a discussion, raise a concern or make a compliment about the work at Oak Grove please contact  the PA to the Headteacher, Heather Jefferies/Sam Barker, and they will pass your concern, discussion or compliment directly to the relevant person.


Governing Body of the Thrive Federation


 Below are the details of the members of the Federation Governing Body:


Management Committee of Oak Grove College

Below are the details of members of the Management committee for Oak Grove College and a record of their attendance:

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