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The outdoor environment at OGC offers considerable scope for teaching and learning in other subject areas. There are ample opportunities and locations available for this purpose; for example, for speaking and listening skills in the storytelling beach hut; drama in the outdoor performance area; film-making at locations throughout the grounds; applied maths through construction projects; physical exercise, orienteering and Duke of Edinburgh activities, including putting up tents and cooking in the outdoor cooking area; science in our outdoor science classroom but also in horticulture and throughout the grounds, generally.
In addition, we provide on-going maintenance of the garden environment which different groups from across the school can get involved in and activities which offer rich sensory experiences for students from Koa and Animus; for example, community singing around a bonfire. The outdoor environment and activities that take place within it provide us with an excellent setting in which to undertake individual or small group nurture work for young people who are experiencing social, emotional or mental health issues.
Through the Outdoor and Practical (Gardening) curriculum and related activities, students learn to design, alter, care for and respect their own environment. They are offered contact with the natural world in ways that may not be available to them away from school and are encouraged to develop an awareness of time through the changing seasons, of natural processes and the materials afforded by the environment. Moreover, the bulk of the work undertaken by students in the grounds is collaborative in nature and thus offers students the opportunity to develop team working skills and the effective communication that is essential to the successful completion practical tasks. This aspect of our work is an important element in preparing students for adult life and the potential for employment and independence.


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