Homework Overview

Individualised Homework


Homework has to be very individual to the students who attend Oak Grove College. Homework can be a whole range of things. It will vary for each student and is likely to change as a student gets older, develops or if their needs and priorities change. For example, it may include:

  • Home and college working on consistent strategies for behaviour following an agreed behaviour support plan
  • Using particular symbols, signs, objects or words to support your young person’s understanding and communication
  • Using a particular communication aid or system at home that has been advised by therapists
  • Family and college using consistent strategies to support a young person needing sensory information
  • Having a regular book or work to complete at home
  • Working on a toileting, dressing or eating/drinking programme
  • Undertaking reading at home
  • Undertaking research on a particular topic
  • Completing work that reinforces skills and concepts developed in class
  • Revision
  • Coursework completion for students

Homework Support


The types of homework are varied for each student. Our policy is underpinned by the belief that we want to support and work with you to help all the young people achieve the very best they can. This means they need to become more independent and self motivated to work but ensuring homework does not become a source of anxiety and tension for families.

Please talk to the form tutor if you would like more support or guidance in this area and use the opportunities at the annual review and family consultation meetings to discuss this further.

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