Dear Families,

Thank you for your support to make today work smoothly. The heat really kicked in for college this afternoon and was very noticeable in classes and outside from 1 30 onwards. Some classes have been hot all day.

At present the weather forecast is for slightly higher temperatures tomorrow and for that peak to happen slightly earlier (lunchtime).

There has been no change to the guidance so we need to continue to expect very high temperatures and prepare for the impact this will have.

To do this we need your help. Please ensure that:

  1. Students have had a drink in the morning before they leave for college.
  2. Students come to college with sun cream applied.
  3. Students have a sun hat and a refillable water bottle that has water already in it so they can drink on their buses.
  4. Students should also wear loose clothing or PE kit.
  5. Students who are keen to wear cardigans/ jumpers and coats are not to come into college with them.
  6. Students can bring a spare t shirt if they want to change after getting wet in the water sprays or just to feel fresher after lunch.

Windows in college are open, blinds are down, fans are being used and air conditioning is on (where we have it). We will risk assess the individual off site trips so that we can plan to see if they can go ahead each morning: this will be based on staffing numbers, student numbers, whether the minibuses are working and the amount of shade at the venues: therefore there will be last minute changes to these trips.

We will cancel a Koa based trip community trip tomorrow as that will coincide with the peak heat times.

Basketball and football will not be available on Tuesday lunchtime. Students with packed lunches will be asked to have it in the Space, which is air conditioned. Students will be expected to remain in the shade at lunch time or inside.

The water spray areas worked well today to cool students (and me) at break and lunchtime and we have enough ice lollies for all to have them in the day tomorrow.

We have asked the transport team to ensure they are not rushing to get students to college next week: we don’t want students waiting in buses for longer than necessary. We cannot accept students in college early. There is expected to be disruption to transport networks and staff will be preparing for the day so please do not bring students in early.

At the end of the day we will not hold buses for students running late as that is unfair on students who are waiting in the heat on them.

To ensure the car park is running as smoothly as possible and that students/ families and staff are not standing in direct sun at the family gate can we ask for those picked up at the family gate to be collected at 2 30 from reception.  

Some families made the choice to keep students at home today. These absences will be authorised. Students who are exceptionally susceptible to heat issues, include those with epilepsy and those who are have limited physical movement. It is important that families make their own assessment as to if it is wise for students to be in college, if you decide it is best for your young person to be at home this will be an authorised absence. If this is your decision please ‘phone in before 8 30am as this will impact other decisions we make.

We continue to be in an amber weather warning area and the DFE is clear that schools should continue to operate but with mitigations in place.

When it is hot it is important that students and staff slow down and the pace of life in college will need to be slower and calmer to ensure people do not overheat. Everyone did a really good job with this today.

It is important that families are aware we MUST be able to contact you easily and you have plans to collect your young person if they are unwell or the situation changes in college.

Thank you for your ongoing support, please stay safe in this weather.

Yours sincerely,

Phillip Potter




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