Dear Families,

Thank you for your support to make the last two days work so smoothly the way the staff and families have worked together has been wonderful. I am very grateful to you all.

It was noticeably hotter today and from earlier on. Students have been supportive and responded well to staff requests and have enjoyed the water sprinklers in the grounds and the variations to lessons; I particularly enjoyed the maths lessons where students were comparing volume of water and so were kept cool while doing great learning!

At present the weather forecast is for significantly cooler temperatures tomorrow although still for a traditional summer day. This means it will be about eight degrees cooler.

We still need to remember that:

  1. Students have had a drink in the morning before they leave for college.
  2. Students come to college with sun cream applied.
  3. Students have a sun hat and a refillable water bottle that has water already in it so they can drink on their buses.
  4. Students should also wear loose clothing or PE kit.
  5. Students who are keen to wear cardigans/ jumpers and coats are not to come into college with them.


Basketball and football will be available on Wednesday lunchtime but not for the full time they are usually available.

Students with packed lunches will still be asked to have it in the Space, which is air conditioned.

Families who collect from the family gate at the end of the day should return to normal time for the rest of the term and the normal location: thank you for your flexibility.

Some families will have made the choice to keep students at home over the last two days. As from tomorrow we should see all students in college unless they are unwell.

As always please phone in to let us know of any absences so we can record these properly and ensure you do not get an email chasing you up.

This year we have experienced extreme wind, rain and now heat! So I am hoping for a good old fashioned snow day in December!

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely,

Phillip Potter


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