Dear Parents/ Carers,

I am writing to confirm the arrangements for tomorrow regarding the industrial action.

Following my letter to you all on 19th January I am grateful to those who emailed me who would need provision in college tomorrow because they are a carer, work in social work, work in the NHS or for other emergency services. Please note I am not using the key worker guidelines from Covid times.

You should all have had a letter emailed confirming their place and they will be in two mixed classes and they will follow an alternative programme for the day.

The following classes are CLOSED:

7PS, 7PH, 7LE, 7JV, 8NM, 8TG, 8PR, 9JS, 9VN, 9SS, 10VB, 10LM, 10SG,11CR, 11LL, 11GF

Koa: AT, LS, JP, GC, CM, ML, TS,

Sixth form: AG, EW

You should have received an email from the college yesterday confirming this.

All other classes are in college and again you should have had an email to confirm this.

It is important that families update us if they change email address or mobile phone numbers. Our systems send information to the first named contact you have provided on the contact information sheets: they do not send it to every contact.

Transport for students who are due in should run as normal although their timings may be slightly different.

All students who have a FSM have been offered a packed lunch to take home today.

I also must remind you that it is an INSET day on Friday, I cannot move it due to us having booked and paid for external trainers for the day.

If you wish to discuss this further please email me at

Thank you for your on going flexibility and support.

Yours sincerely

Phillip Potter


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