Information for New and Prospective Students

We are delighted that you are interested or have chosen Oak Grove College for your child. Here you will find some useful information if you are beginning your search or have a place confirmed.

Headteachers Welcome and Information for New Families

Welcome to Oak Grove College – Year 6 Transition

College Admissions

Admissions to the College are controlled by the local authority (West Sussex County Council) – The Children’s and Young People’s Service.

A student will be considered for admission if he or she has an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) indicating learning difficulties requiring substantial modification to curriculum and support arrangements beyond those available in mainstream schools.  In all cases students will be achieving significantly below expectations for their age, typically in the range of P levels to Level 2 in core subjects.

The majority of students join the College in Year 7 when they transfer from the two primary special schools. Others have been in mainstream schools or special support centres and referred for admission following re-assessment or recommendation from an Annual Review.  The usual time of entry is the beginning of the College year in September.  Admission at other points in the year will be considered where families move into the catchment area of the College or where there are particular changes in the educational needs of a student that demand earlier intervention.

Informal visits are arranged for parents at the proposed statement stage or prior to an Annual Review where special school placement may be considered.  This will enable parents to be fully informed when naming a school as the parental preference.  Once the placement panel has agreed, statement and assessment papers are sent to the Headteacher for consideration.  Admission is dependent upon the College being able to meet the provision prescribed in the statement and availability of space in the right section of the College.  Further discussion with parents, with the current school, and assessment sessions for the student may be arranged before an informed decision can be made.

Parents who wish to discuss the statutory assessment process or general issues of support for children with special educational needs may like to contact the Parent Partnership Service (Telephone 0845 075 1008) or email

Parent Partnership Office
65 Westergate
PO19 3RJ

KS2-KS3 Transition

The move to KS3 from KS2 is highly significant and we work hard to ensure the very best experiences are had by all. The transition process to Oak Grove starts early in the year prior to joining.

Senior Leaders from oak Grove College and feeder schools meet with the Local Authority to discuss the needs of those students with EHCPS and who require a specialist setting.

Once places have been decided meetings and visits are made to Year 6 classes and teachers to discuss individual students.

Where possible the Year 6 Annual Review/PATH is also attended by a member of Oak Grove staff. Where this is not possible an online meeting is arranged for families to ask questions and be reassured by the lead or senior teachers.

During the summer term, in consultation with primary schools, visits are made from and to Oak Grove to meet and spend some time with students. This includes some lessons, transitions to and from lessons and breaktimes.

When Year 7 tutors have been announced they also visit their new class members in their primary school as well as holding meetings for the student and their families in school to share any important information and concerns.

Each student is considered carefully and where appropriate a bespoke transition plan is made to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Letters are sent to adults and adapted for students, so everyone feels part of transition. We send out data and information collection sheets at the start of the summer term so that we are able to communicate fully with our new cohort.

West Sussex County Council have worked in conjunction with schools to produce a section on The Local Offer all about how to support with transition.

Transition to secondary school | Tools for schools (


Documents and Links

Below are links to some useful documents including forms we send out to new starters to be filled in. 

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