Koa Curriculum

In Koa we follow a life skill curriculum using a student centred holistic approach. Our curriculum considers each young person’s unique aspirations, and takes account of their individual complex needs. We recognise that our curriculum must focus on the things that matter to each individual student as progress can only be made by students who are engaged in their own learning.

In order to achieve this, we aim to:

  • Offer a breadth of experience that will give each student the opportunity to learn and develop throughout their lives
  • Approach learning in an individualised, flexible, and creative way that enhances the young person‘s engagement with the world and allows them to achieve their full potential
  • Recognise that our students must be empowered so that they can make decisions that will have an impact on their learning, family and community.
  • Prioritise the development of the senses as fundamental in enabling our students to understand and interact with the world around them as well as with each other.

 We recognise that we need to balance the needs of the individual with the world around them to become part of a community. We do this by bringing experiences to them and allowing them to explore and learn at their own levels.

Each student has personalised Learning Goals which are written in partnership with home and other agencies where appropriate. The Learning Goals focus on the four key areas of our curriculum, in line with their EHCP goals:

My Communication, My Thinking, My Body and Myself

My Communication:

Communication is fundamental to participation and achievement in the curriculum and it is not something that comes naturally or easily to most SLD learners. We ensure that there is ample opportunity for developing the key skill of communication across the curriculum and that Koa is a multi- commutative environment that is structured and safe for our learners and their preferred methods of communication.


My Thinking

Our curriculum offers our learner’s opportunities to experiment with ideas, take the initiative, learn from mistakes, work collaboratively and take control or share control of their daily living skills.


We focus on the learner’s ability to solve everyday problems that will ensure that they are as independent as they can be in their adult lives. For some of our learners recall and storing information is a barrier to their progression and learning, we ensure that there is opportunity to repeat a skill as many times that may be necessary, so it can be lodged in their long term memory to ensure growing independence.

My Body

Enabling our learners to develop an understanding of themselves physically, socially, economically and sexually is central to preparing them to take increasing responsibility for their choices and behaviours and equip them for their transition into adult life. This area of the curriculum will mainly focus on the areas SRE, healthy lifestyle, hygiene and physical development.



Much of our learners lives are controlled by others, so for them to explore and develop understanding about their own mind and behaviours will enable the young person to develop as an individual, express who they are and have a voice that is listened to in a wider society. Key to this strand of the curriculum is allowing for active real choice that means we are working in partnership with the student. Developing the individual’s awareness of working with others, attention, independence and emotional development is largely done through understanding and working with the young person on their often complex behaviour



Learning experiences enrich the four main curriculum areas and make sure that our students have a breadth of age appropriate experiences within their time at school that prepare them for adult life beyond Oak Grove College. The experiences focus on students applying their learning to enable them to have independence, enjoyment and understanding.

Some of our Koa students may benefit from attending discrete Maths and English lessons led by specialist subject teachers. For some of those students they will also have the opportunity to take Entry Level Exams. Students in Koa will also have access to further curriculum opportunities such as D.T, Food Technology, Gardening, Combined Art and Technology; again all lead by specialized subject based teachers.


Topics for the this academic year

Autumn 1 – We are Britain

Autumn 2 – Mini Enterprise

Spring 1 – Explorers

Spring 2 – Narnia

Summer 1 – Let’s Experiments

Summer 2 – Jobs People Do

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