Koa Curriculum

The development of the individual is crucial, and as such, older students need to be given every opportunity to develop the skills they will need to transition smoothly into life after OGC, whatever that might be.

For students in Koa 6th form, we believe that students should be given the opportunity to develop flexibility and explore the practical issues surrounding growing up and moving on. Students need the opportunity to explore and consolidate their own interests and be empowered to make choices about how to spend their time. Students should continue to be enabled to develop as greater a degree of independence as possible, in order to look after themselves, and operate safely and meaningful within their communities, including places of work. They should also have the opportunity to explore issues surrounding sex and relationships within a context appropriate to the individual.

Students in Koa 6th form will experience and explore a range of transition placements, as well as continuing to develop key skills outlined below.

My Communication

We ensure that there is ample opportunity for developing the key skill of communication across the curriculum and that Koa is a multi- commutative environment that is structured and safe for our learners and their preferred methods of communication.

My Thinking

We ensure our curriculum gives learners opportunity to experiment with ideas, take the initiative, learn from mistakes, work collaboratively and take control or share control of their daily living skills. We focus on the learner’s ability to solve everyday problems that will ensure that they are as independent as they can be in their adult’s lives. The experiences they are presented with must be relevant to their individual needs as well as being rewarding and motivating.

My Body

Enabling our learners to develop an understanding of themselves physically, socially, economically and sexually is central to preparing them to take increasing responsibility for their choices and behaviours and equip them for their transition into adult life.


Much of our learners life’s are controlled by others, so for them to explore and develop understanding about their own mind and behaviours will enable the young person to develop as an individual, express who they are and have a voice that is listened to in a wider society.

Each student will have a personalised timetable based on their individual needs. This means that they will have access to the experiences that would most benefit their development and enjoyment. The students Key Learning Goals which are focused on the four area of the curriculum, and if appropriate their timetable are reviewed at the end of each term to see if they still fully meets the individual’s learning needs.


Topics for the this academic year


Autumn 1 – Australia

Autumn 2 – Enterprise

Spring 1 – Narnia

Spring 2 – Circle of life

Summer 1 – Treasure Island

Summer 2 – We’re all going on a summer holiday

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