Subject Specific Curriculum (KS4, Avatar, Marvel, Da Vinci Family Groups)

Individualised Curriculum


Our curriculum is planned, delivered and assessed at a pace and level appropriate to individual need via subject specialist teachers, experienced in working with students with special educational needs.

We aim to support a student’s transition from Year 9 into Year 10 with a curriculum that is designed inspire students to achieve their very best, to take risks, to develop the skills to tackle new challenges in learning how to learn and raise their future aspirations and ambitions.

Students are offered a wide range of option choices to support the development of their academic, vocational and social skills.

Within KS4 our class groups are kept small (8 to 12) and the curriculum is personalised and differentiated to meet the particular and special needs of the students. Currently at Oak Grove College we offer a full and varied range of choices from Entry Levels to BTECs to GCSE in a wide range of subjects, which support both the traditional academic pathways and vocational work-related pathways. In KS4, the options choices that we offer vary year on year as we try and match these up to the student’s interest to offer more personalised learning.

Student spend one day per week at a range of post 16 providers (SAND Project, GB MET and Chichester College (Brinsbury Campus) in years 10 and 11 to support their skills development in preparation for transition. This supports students to make informed choices about their next steps after Year 11 and gives them the confidence to move on to further education. 

Key Stage 4 Options 2020-21


The booklet below contains information about the courses we offer in Year 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4) which we hope you will find useful in helping you and your child make choices for the next two years of their time at Oak Grove College.

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