Marvel Find Your Power Challenge!

Our next challenge is here we are signed up as a school and community.

Half term week 29 May to 5 June 2021

The challenge is to complete 5,000km per team anyway you wish. So let’s get active and enjoy our local environment,

Walk, jog, run, push, swim, cycle, skate, paddleboard, canoe, kayak your way to meet your goal. This can be done individually, with friends (because we are allowed!!) or as a family and send in your results to Claire Moyle

Everybody that’s takes part will get a T-shirt and Medal

Easter Update to Families 1st April

Dear Parent/Carer,

Well the Spring term has been one to remember! From lockdown, remote learning, return to college based learning and students fully back in the swing of working and learning; this has been a term that again has been like a roller coaster journey.

Luckily it looks like the roller coaster is slowing down and we will be shortly able to get off it!

I am not a fan of rollercoasters so lets hope we don’t end up on it again.

This Easter holiday should be a time when we can start to reconnect with our wider friends and family and start to see people again in safe ways.

Testing, test results and keeping in touch:

It is vital that we continue to follow the rules: two households or six people meeting outside and maintaining social distance. It is also important that all students who are part of the testing programme continue to test on Sunday and Wednesdays. Results only need to be reported to college if a student tests positive and therefore needs to self isolate.

Positive tests should be reported by email to me immediately at

This is especially important for any positive tests from 2nd April to 6th April as they will require the college to undertake track and trace. The testing and immediate reporting of test results are essential for us to continue to shrink the impact of the pandemic. The college continues to be responsible for track and trace in relation to staff and students.

Anyone who tests positive using a LFT test will also be asked to undertake a PCR test to confirm the result.

Please remember the LFT tests are for regular testing. It a student or anyone in your family shows any of the following symptoms of Covid 19 the family must self isolate immediately and book a PCR test:

  1. New, continuous cough
  2. High temperature
  3. Change in taste/ smell.

The work of students, families, staff and our multi disciplinary colleagues has been excellent over this term and I am very grateful to everyone for working so seamlessly.

INSET Days for the remainder of 2020 2021

We will take the remainder of our INSET days on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd July when we expect to be able to have face to face training for staff. College will be closed to all students on these days.


Many thanks to all those who contributed and raised £120 for Comic Relief.

Friends of Oak Grove College have, with the London Hearts Charity provided a second defibrillator for the college which is based in the refurbished swimming pool.

Friends of Oak Grove College are also trying to raise money. All students have been issued with a tube of smarties and our idea is that once the smarties are eaten we collect 1p, 5p, 20p or £1 coins in them. These will then be returned to college and the money will be used to purchase new lockers for students. If this is not something you can join in then please enjoy the smarties.


The college counsellor, Lianne is leaving us at the end of this term. We are very grateful for the excellent work she has led on and the great support she has provided. We look forward to working with Vicky, who will start on the 20th April.

Governing Body:

I am delighted that we had parents put themselves forward for the role of governors and we will need to hold an election. A separate letter will follow in relation to this.

Last day for leavers:

Year 11 students based in Marvel and sixth form students who are leaving in year 14/13 will leave on Friday XX June (national leavers day). This is currently at the end of the week where all restrictions are planned to be released ad we are planning a range of potential events to ensure we can celebrate their success and time at college appropriately.

Parent Councelling line:

Please remember that we have invested in a counselling service for families and this can be accessed on Tuesdays between XX and XX? SAM!

Plant sale:


Thank you to everyone for your kind donations of seeds and pots and offers to grow and/or sell plants for us. Our band of support is steadily ‘growing’! Lots of allotments are now starting to grow for us.

Our latest generous donation is from Clive Gravett of The Budding Foundation. Check out the other great work Clive does at his charity’s website

We would also like to thank Morrisons for their generous donations.

If you still want to be involved then please email

Forever homes for Oak Grove College’s newest arrivals

Thank you for those who have volunteered to take on one of Our Giant Land Snails.

Over the last few weeks it has been wonderful to see the whole community back together, working together and I am so grateful to everyone for their hard work and determination not just this term but for the last year. The team work has been amazing.

I hope all of you get the chance to rest and enjoy the opportunity to see loved ones over the Easter break.

All of the staff team look forward to seeing students back on 19th April and we will continue to strive to ensure “Everyone  matters, every day counts”.

Yours sincerely,

Phillip Potter


Update to Families 210401

Thank you to Morrisons for our Plant Sale Donation

A big thank you to Morrisons for their donations of plants to go towards the Oak Grove College Plant Sale and in particular Jo and Ali for helping organise this. Our governor Caroline Nicholls is pictured below collecting the donation of plants and these have been delivered to the college where students have been busy repotting these to grow on.

Forever Homes needed for Oak Grove College’s newest arrivals

Our Giant Land Snails Dougie and Daphne are pleased to announce the arrival of their babies.



It is well known that the benefits of pets for children can be major:
Eight of these cute little molluscs are now ready to leave Oak Grove and start a new life with a loving family.

  1. They reduce anxiety
  2. Help children to learn how to be kind & empathetic
  3. They give children a sense of responsibility
  4. They give them an interest away from technology

Giant Land snails are the perfect easy and interesting pet, Minimal time to clean and care and cheap to feed. And believe it or not if handled regularly they develop quite funny characters.

If your child has expressed an interest in having one of our slimy offspring and you would feel happy and able to support them caring for one please fill in the slip below and return to Lisa Edwards, Science Teacher at Oak Grove College.

See attached form and guide for caring –



Plant Sale Update – 23rd March 2021

Thank you to everyone for your kind donations of seeds and offers to grow and/or sell plants for us. Our band of support is steadily ‘growing’! Lots of allotments are now starting to grow for us.

Our latest generous donation is from Clive Gravette of The Budding Foundation. Check out the other great work Clive does at his charity’s website

If you would like to get involved please get in touch.


6th Form Students – Lockdown Poems

Our 6th Form students have been working on some poems to express how the lockdown has felt for them. We are really proud of the way that they have used these to express themselves and they are really powerful in terms of getting across how the lockdown has felt for our young people.


I feel trapped

I feel bored

I feel angry

I feel worried

I feel happy

I feel excited to go out,

to have fun and meet people again.

Oliver Chaplin


I am gutted to be trapped behind these walls.

I feel like a knight guarding the battlement.

Fun and cheer are not found near.

Sad and loss can only be found here.

Until the legion of Covid is clear.

Tony Newman


Lockdown made me feel I am trapped in my house.

I would like to see my family up in Le Harve in France.

I would be furious if I didn’t see my cousins in Le Harve.

I would like Lockdown to be over.

John Perkins


With lockdown on I feel sad

I hope tomorrow will be joyful

But I always have a frowny face

I look to my family and feel happy

I think about my friends and start smiling

And hope I will meet them again soon

Max Wallis


Lockdown makes me feel angry

Lockdown makes me feel sad

Lockdown makes me feel confused

Lockdown makes me feel bored

Lockdown makes me feel scared

Lockdown makes me feel annoyed

Lockdown makes me feel worried

Lockdown makes me feel furious


I want to be free

I want to see family

I want to be happy

I want to see friends

I want to be excited it’s over



A – AJ hates lockdown.

B – Because he feels stuck inside.

C – Can he help the NHS.

D – Do great survival

E – Eat healthy food

F – Fantastic stories

H – Have a break

I – I am being worked hard

J – Just try your best

K – Kick a ball around the field

L – Let the Force be with you

M – My family helped me sometimes

N – Nobody can harm me

O – Only my PC is the old reliable

AJ Salisbury







Lockdown is boring

Only at home

Cake making

Keys please

Dog walking

Only at home

Washing hands

Naughty Coronavirus

Tara Gillen


Loved my dog

Only seeing my bubble

Confused about how the bubble works

Keep yourself safe

Dog died in lockdown

Oh no I lost my license

When will I see my brother

Not going out

Ewan Mackenzie


Lockdown is a little confusing

Only stuck at home

Cake making

Keep safe

Dragons to beat coronavirus

Open the door for exercise

Wash your hands

Now Coronavirus can go away

Alessia Ferri


Lockdown could be fun

Oh no boring boring boring

Crazy Oscar running in the garden

Keep safe please

Dad has been silly

Outside playing in the garden

Whistling indoors

Natalie was good at school



Lockdown is pants

Oh no

Camcorder watching all the time

Keep the NHS safe

Dumbledore to kick Coronavirus

Open everything please

Wishing that Corona goes away

NHS are heroes

Molly Green


Lockdown is bad

Oh no school is shut

Cake making

Keep safe

Don’t go near others

Only see your family

Wash your hands

NHS is amazing

Rahkar Warren


Lockdown was boring

Oh no what shall I do?

Cake baking again

Keep safe

Dad was missed

Outside playing football

Watching TV

NHS we thankyou

Katie Dunckley

Oak Grove College students call for support with Community Wide Plant Sale- Press Release

Students at Oak Grove College have put out an urgent call out to local gardeners to help ensure their popular annual plant sale can go ahead, despite Covid restrictions.

The sixth formers at the college for young people with special educational needs, are looking for donations of  seeds and surplus plants, especially vegetables, from gardens and allotments – as well as volunteers prepared to run plant sales from their own homes in support of Oak Grove

Normally students spend time growing on and selling plants donated by a local nursery, building up stocks for the two week sale, held each year in May. Funds raised through the event help to buy extra equipment  and community outings for the school.

The sale, which can  typically raise more than £2,000, provides valuable opportunities for the students to learn skills in horticulture, customer service and money handling.

However this year the nursery is unable to donate plants and the college is also concerned that it will not be able to welcome visitors to Oak Grove for the sale, which runs from 17th to 28th May.

Teacher Carol Noble is part of the organising team. She explains: “ Rather than receiving and selling a lot of plants from just one place, we are looking at receiving and selling batches of a few plants from lots of different places – and we will also run a delivery service of plants to customers’ homes.

“So, whether you are an allotment holder, part of a gardening club or a keen home horticulturalist, we’d love to hear from you and the students would really value your support.”

For more information or to offer your support you can reach Carol and colleagues by email on


Election of Parent Governor – Oak Grove College

Every maintained school in England has a Governing Body responsible to the local community for running the school. There is currently 1 vacancy for a Parent Governor. The term of office will be 4 years.

If you are interested in standing for election as a Parent Governor of the school, please complete the  nomination form (linked below), ensuring that you obtain the signature of 2 parents/legal guardians who support your nomination. You must also include a brief election statement. If more than one nomination is received, I shall send all parents voting papers, which will include the candidates’ election statements. Nominations should be with me by 4pm on Friday 19th March 2021.

In the event of a ballot, I have arranged for votes to be counted at 3pm on Friday 26 th March or at a time mutually agreed with all candidates and each candidate, or his authorised representative, may attend the count. I shall arrange for all parents to be notified of the result.

I have enclosed an extract from the Regulations concerning the qualifications and disqualification connected with the office of governor, which you should read carefully. If you have any queries about them or about the procedure, I shall be pleased to answer them.

All elected parent governors are required to complete an enhanced criminal record application within 21 days of their election.


Election of Parent Governor (2)

Update to Families – 5th March

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you are all keeping well, and looking forward to returning to school next week.

This is a bitty letter as it includes lots of information. There is a video on the college YouTube account and website that may help clarify many of the issues in this letter, it can be found at:

On this website link there will also be the new risk assessment and protocols booklet for staff. These have been updated to reflect March 2021.

Parent gate protocol

Students in Koa and Animus should be collected from the parent gate at 2:45pm for a rapid handover. Sixth form students should be collected at 2 50pm. Subject based learners (those in Avatar, Marvel and Da Vinci) should be collected at 3pm.  Parents should ensure they are wearing a mask and are socially distanced from each other (please wait on the far side until your time slot).  Please do not arrive earlier than stated, and please also leave the grounds as quickly as possible to avoid any bottlenecks.

Your Space Parent Counselling Service

To support our families we have established a telephone counselling service that will be available without referral. This is available on Wednesdays from 10am until 11am starting on 10th March.

Contact number: 01903 209991

OGC has established this service with our counselling provider for students (who have always done an excellent job). This will run as a trial: please do make use of it if you wish to. If no one uses it then we will withdraw it.

Timetable for return:

Year group/ area of college Day for first Covid test (families will need to bring students in for this 10am -1pm) Return to college
Year 7 Thursday 4th March Monday 8th March
Year 8 Friday 5th March Tuesday 9th March
Year 9 Monday 8th March Thursday 11th March
Year 10 Tuesday 9th March Thursday 11th March
Year 11 Thursday 4th March Monday 8th March
Year 7 Koa Thursday 4th March Monday 8th March
Koa Tuesday 9th March Wednesday 10th March
Sixth Form Monday 8th March Wednesday 10th March
Animus Friday 5th March Tuesday 9th March

The timetable has changed for first tests to ensure we can fit all the tests in during the first few days back and allow all staff to be back in class by Monday 15th March.

Masks for the return to college:

There are a number of points that have changed compared to the last time when all students were in college:

  • Masks should be worn in college (including classes) and around college by students who can tolerate this
  • Masks should be worn in classes where this does not impact on communication in class by staff

Testing in college;

The whole staff team has now moved to home testing on a twice weekly basis.

Annual reviews:

These will continue to be remote meetings at present.

Swimming pool:

This will not be open in the week commencing 8th March and we hope to open as soon as possible after the 15th March. The new filters are in, the new hoists are in, new lighting in the pool has been fitted and we await two specific screws to fit a filter back on and then we can start to fill it up (this takes time to do, heat the water and get the chemical balance right).

Free School Meals

The voucher system stops from next week and we cannot issue vouchers going forward. We can issue food parcels if and where these are needed for families where students are still needing to shield.

West Sussex County Council have also confirmed they will not be providing FSM vouchers over Easter.

Thank you to all of you for your support, cooperation, nurture and encouragement over this lockdown. You have all worked hard to support each other, your young people and the whole college community. It will feel strange all coming back together again. It is also exciting! We are looking forward to moving back to more forms of normal. We are looking forward to develop, re build and enhance our connections with all students and to help them thrive, learn and mature.

As a team, families and the staff have the ability to ensure all our young people will continue to be successful and develop, where “everyone matters and every day counts”.

Hopefully this is the last Friday evening lockdown letter you will ever see!

It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with you all.


Yours sincerely,


Phillip Potter


update to families 210305

Update to Families – 26th February

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you are all well.

There are many important and different pieces of information in this letter. I hope that you have all seen my video message from earlier in the week too.

Thrive Federation: Changes to governance arrangements:

The Thrive Federation (Oak Grove, Palatine, Herons Dale and Cornfield School) is changing the governance arrangements to enable us to be more effective in terms of governance and leadership and ultimately to be better able to serve the college community.

As of the 1st April 2021 the Governing Body will move from being the Governing Body of all four schools. What is currently the Management Committee will be the Governing Body.

The Thrive Federation will still be a group of schools working together that do so through a strategic group. This change does not preclude us from any current work or future work as a group of schools.


We are delighted with the new cycle circuit that was put in over half term. Our grateful thanks to HSBC for funding this and to Pentagon for doing such a great job.


Some artwork that many students have helped produce has also been put up in the playground. I am sure you will agree it looks fantastic. Thank you to Sarah and Dee for leading this work.

This wonderful work was produced by Animus students and staff and is on display in class CA. Well done to all of them!

Return to full face to face operation for college:

Following the announcements on 22nd February and the publication of guidance around this, there have been a number of clarifications of the guidance from the DfE. These have informed our planning.

The government is clear that the week beginning 8th March for secondary aged students is a phased return and that testing is a part of this process where students opt in and can take part in it.

Our proposal is for a staggered return of classes and one that will happen rapidly. We aim for all students to be in college by Thursday 11th March.

From Monday 8th March we will provide for children of key workers in their normal classes. We will have discussions with families of students who have been in college who are not key workers about their return. Ideally it should be with their class during the week as this will enable the testing programme to go smoothly.

Timetable for return:

Year group/ area of college Day for first Covid test (families will need to bring students in for this 10am -1pm) Return to college
Year 7 Thursday 4th March Monday 8th March
Year 8 Friday 5th March Tuesday 9th March
Year 9 Wednesday 10th March Thursday 11th March
Year 10 Wednesday 10th March Thursday 11th March
Year 11 Thursday 4th March Monday 8th March
Year 7 Koa Thursday 4th March Monday 8th March
Koa Tuesday 9th March Wednesday 10th March
Sixth Form Monday 8th March Wednesday 10th March
Animus Friday 5th March Tuesday 9th March

The timetable will change if the risk and guidance changes.

Operational issues for the return to college:

There are a number of points that have changed compared to the last time when all students were in college:

  • Sixth form lunch time to move 12.30pm with use of back field from 1pm.
  • No off site visits
  • No extra curriculum activities are able to be provided to enable us to do the cleaning required and to maintain discreet groups of students.
  • Masks should be worn in college (including classes) and around college by students who can tolerate this
  • Masks should be worn in classes where this does not impact on communication in class by staff
  • Visitors to college can only be by appointment.

Testing in college;

Testing in college remains a voluntary element for students. Staff are having tests twice weekly. As part of the return to school programme, the government wants all those who consent to testing to have three lateral flow tests.

If you wish to take part in this then ideally students will come in with you from 10am-1 pm on the allocated day in the timetable for return and have their first test. Students will be shown how to carry out the test themselves and will have their second and third tests after they have returned to college (at least three days apart). Only attend for your allocated session and we must have received your consent forms in advance (these will be resent next week).

Home testing kits will then be available for those students taking part in the testing programme.

National Careers Week 1st – 6th March 2021

National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK. The aim is to provide a focus for careers guidance activity at an important stage in the academic calendar to help support young people leaving education.

To mark NCW, we have included activities on our website to help older students in thinking about their next steps and to develop their CV writing skills. To encourage younger students to focus on the world of work, there is an A-Z of job roles research activity which students can develop further by finding out more details about a job of interest to them.

Our Plant Sale army is growing!! Be part of it!

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch and offered to help us in our efforts to keep the Plant Sale going this year. However we still need more volunteers. Can you…..

  • Grow some extra plants in your allotment/greenhouse/garden to donate to us to sell?
  • Contact local allotments / local nurseries to ask for donations?
  • Donate spare seeds for us to grow?
  • Receive plants to sell from your driveway / front garden in May?
  • Receive a growing pack and sell what you grow on to friends and family?
  • Ask friends and family for plant orders that can be delivered to them?

Please get in touch with Carol, Mike or Adrian to let us know what you can do:

World Book Day

World Book Day is next week and we would like students to choose either a voucher or a book which we will arrange to be delivered to college.

Please click on the link below to let us know what your child would like:

Next week we will be in touch with all families to discuss the return to college plan and to have specific conversations about this.  Well done for all of the great home learning that I have seen this week and those doing so well with the Koa challenges, sports challenges and the Kahoot! Maths quizzes.

Thank you for your hard work, support, perseverance and flexibility.

Yours sincerely,


Phillip Potter


update to families 210226



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