Dear Parents/Carers,

I am delighted to share some lovely photos and updates about what is happening in college in this newsletter.  The community had a lovely service of Remembrance on the 11th November with students doing readings and having created a beautiful display.

As you are all aware, we have a very wide range of student needs in college and with this range of needs we have to ensure that all we do supports, challenges and enables all of those young people to thrive. We regularly send support information out about online issues and it is important that students who are allowed online, have a smart phone and play games online have this monitored carefully. If there are specific games or platforms you are worried about please reach out to us so we can get relevant information to you. It is really important that students should be the right age to access a platform or game.

Strategically, the college has been working with mental health services and the wider nursing services to help ensure all of our young people can get the support they need and in the right place. I am hoping to be able to share some good news re public health nursing with everyone soon.

It is a sad and frustrating fact that so many external services are not resourced as well as they need to be or have significant staffing issues that we in college try and take up the gaps. I can assure you that the colleagues in those services feel the frustration. My challenge is that then creates problems for us in terms of capacity to do everything and do it well.

One area where some of you have experienced that is in getting some of my time. Whist we do not have a business manager at the moment, I am glad to say that Caroline, our new business manager, will be joining the senior team from the middle of December.

I know many families are experiencing challenges in accessing the support they are entitled to and despite the money announced in the budget yesterday for schools would barely cover the increase in energy prices!

We have had many visitors to the college recently (20 PGCE Science students, university lecturers, trainees, staff from other schools) and one thing they all comment on is the quality of relationships between students and each other, between students and staff and between staff and families. Recently the team have been doing some quality assurance work across a number of departments and it is lovely to see the work the students are doing and are achieving.

Your support in ensuring we work together as a team to enable your young people to achieve the very best is very much appreciated. I hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Yours sincerely,


Phillip Potter


Newsletter 18 Nov

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