Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you have all remained safe during the earlier than anticipated start to the February half term holiday and you managed to access the home learning pages easily.

Friends of Oak Grove College (FOGC) 

This is a great group of parents, relatives, staff and wider community members who work together to ensure we fundraise to get more equipment and provide the best opportunities for all young people at Oak Grove. Over the last year they have purchased a new trampoline, new blinds for the drama studio, some new lockers, a sensory trolley and contributed to off site team building activities.

At the AGM earlier this week the Chair of the FOGC stood down and I would like to thank Carol Prime for her great work in that role for the last couple of years. Carol is a community volunteer who helps students in the gardens.

The new co chairs are two parents of young people at OGC; Mary and Anna, the secretary is Tina (also a parent of a OGC student) and the treasurer is Jill, an ex staff member. The Friends will be holding an informal meeting at College on Wednesday 16th March from 10am til 11am in The Rosie where the sixth form will be running their café. It would be wonderful to see some more family members join this group to help keep the excellent support of the college going. The support they provide is invaluable.

Careers Education

As part of our careers programme across the school, students are encouraged to find out about different jobs and workplaces.

During the last couple of years, we have had to think differently about how we deliver elements of this programme, due to the restrictions that have been in place in terms of out of school activities – including work experience – and have had to find ways of replicating these things.

I am writing to you to ask if you – or your employer – would be prepared to share your experience of work. This could include:

  • Taking part in classroom-based sessions in school, talking about your work and responding to students’ questions
  • Virtual appearances in lessons, as above
  • You – or your employer – hosting visits to your place of work, as conditions allow for this type of visit

If you are interested in contributing to our careers programme in these ways, I’d be grateful if you would email me at and Mike Spain will contact you to discuss the detail.

Hot dinners and kitchen service:

I am delighted that our great catering team led by Sue was audited last week from a food quality perspective and a food hygiene and health and safety perspective and they achieved an amazing score of 99.2% The hard work that this team have undertaken and flexibility they have shown over the last couple of years has been amazing and they are an important part of the team.

Contact details:

Please remember to keep us up to date with changes to email addresses and mobile phone numbers. It enables us to keep in contact with you easily and ensures we can contact you swiftly in the event of an emergency.

Training in college:

As a large employer it is important that we are supporting the development of colleagues and as such we have now started hosting trainee physiotherapists at Oak Grove. This is amazing and is ensuring we have even more specific physiotherapy time allocated to students and also to supporting the OGC team to develop their skills.

Alongside this in the course of this term we have also had medical students (trainee doctors) completing placements with us and this helps them to contextualise the young people they will be responsible for and develop their communication skills with all our young people.

We have two PE apprentices who are coming to the end of their apprentice period with us and they have added so much to the community (and they are staying with us).

We have also started to offer the TA apprentice route with Masterclass as our provider.

Offering these trainee placements and routes enables us to benefit from up to date training and the best professional development and quality assurance for all that we do.

We also hosted a visit on Thursday from a large team of staff from Northbrook College who came to see our Key Stage four students working in action.

Lion King Jr

It has been great to see and hear the progress of students taking part in the Lion King and to see the costumes developing as well as the magnificent set. We have sold out of all currently available tickets and we are hoping to be able to release another batch of tickets soon. It is wonderful that we have over 90 students from all parts of the college taking part, our challenge is that as we chose to base it in college as we did not know where we would be re covid we have a much smaller capacity for an audience.

Plant sale

Plant sale is coming up!

Due to the success of our appeal for community growing we are once again asking for volunteer growers to plant some extras for Oak Grove’s Plant sale in May. Please start growing now!

Contact Carol on to let us know what you will be growing or if you need a starter kit.

Requested list of items (in peat free compost if possible):

Flowers Veg




Sweet Pea





















Cherry tomato


Plum tomato


This has been a busy half term and one where again we have needed to work as a team and respond to quite rapid changes in a flexible way. We are gradually getting back to normal and more off site visits will happen after half term. I am eternally grateful for all of your support of the college and staff team and I wish you all a restful and fun half term.

Please enjoy the wonderful photos below of students in action. in the attached below

Yours sincerely




Phillip Potter


newsletter to families 220218

newsletter to families 220218


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