Dear Parent/Carer,

It has been good to see students back this week and working hard. A number of our year 11 students are now getting confirmation of their FE placements through for next year and this is lovely to see students’ plans coming together for their futures.

We have been reminding students this week about the importance of uniform and the college rules of Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Respectful. One of the most important lessons all young people learn over time is how to get on with others and to do that well we need to help rebuild friendships and use language that is positive and kind.

Please regularly remind your young person of the key rules for the college:

“Be Kind, Be Safe, Be respectful”

Staying Safe on Social Media:

This is a really important issue for older students who may be using social media (no one under 13 should be using any social media with their own account).

Your personal information is of interest to cybercriminals to potentially commit financial fraud or identity theft. The following safeguards are useful.

Limit the information you share

There is a risk when sharing personal details on social platforms, such as your mobile number, address and financial information. Also be careful that if you choose to share the name of your pet, that isn’t the answer to one of your security questions.


It is good practice to use a password that includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuations marks, such as a question or exclamation mark. By using a complex password for each of your social media accounts, if a cybercriminal manages to access one of your passwords, they will not be able to collect further personal details from your other social media platforms.

Check your privacy and security settings.

Make use of the options in your settings. You can control who sees the information you post. It would seem sensible to only allow people you know and trust. You might also decide to switch off your location services, as not all apps need to be able to determine where you are.


The current situation in Ukraine is incredibly difficult and students may well be worried about this and ask questions. Page 4 of this newsletter has some important information about talking to young people about these awful situations.

Donations for Ukraine: Supporting those who are fleeing conflict:

Alison from 8JS has been helping her family collect donations for the families that have fled the Ukraine and are now in Poland.  Well done Alison.


We are hoping to be able to do some collections of further donations in college shortly in partnership with one of the contractors we work with.

Mental Health:

Please see the link below for some good supportive information regarding mental health

  • Tips and support avenues for feeling low and for mental health care for young people
  • Crisis support lines
  • Advice for parents and carers – including support groups
  • Directory of provisions for specific topics and issues – self harm, LGBTQ+, bereavement, CAMHS

Enjoy the great celebration of work that follows and the wonderful trips that students have been on.

Yours sincerely,


Phillip Potter


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