Pride month helps us teach tolerance, respect and equality. It helps our young people understand how damaging homophobia is. It helps our young people understand what to do and who will help them if they or a loved one is discriminated against, whether that is because of their disability, their gender, their racial identity, their sexuality or any other aspects of their life. Pride month helps us to show young people that they can be different and still loved.

As well as learning about tolerance and healthy relationships in their Personal Development lessons, we will be joining in with School Diversity Week. Students will have the opportunity to take part in different discussions and activities within their tutor groups. This could be anything from exploring and creating beautiful rainbows to being encouraged to speak about the issues that affect them.

We will also be having a Rainbow day on Friday 25th June where students can where their brightest home clothes in exchange for a £1 donation to Just Like Us.

Attached is the Pride Newsletter that we have sent out to all families –

Pride Newsletter June 2021

We have also shared the following resources –

Pride social story

LGBT a beginners guide

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