SEN Information Report

Below is our SEND Policy and Information Report

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SEN Information Report

The kinds of SEN that are provided for

This is a maintained day special school for students aged 11-19 years. Students will be provided with an appropriately paced and differentiated curriculum. We currently have planned places for up to 260 students. At Oak Grove College – the students’ identified needs will be complex including: severe learning difficulties, profound and multiple learning difficulties, moderate learning difficulties or autistic spectrum conditions. These may include students with sensory or physical difficulties. Students require an EHCP to access our provision. As a generic special school, there is a real community feel where all students have a place amongst their peers and ae prepared for life in the wider community either in specialist provision, community living or the world of work.

Identifying pupils with SEN and assessing their needs

All students will have been assessed for and have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). They must have this to attend the college.

Consulting and involving students and parents

At Oak Grove College – parents / carers are fully included in the process of working with their children/young adults. This includes:

  • Initial visits to college
  • Introductory meetings
  • Transition links with feeder schools
  • Daily home/college book for information exchanges and key messages where appropriate
  • Twice a year parent / carer / teacher meetings
  • One detailed report at the end of the year
  • Y11 and Y14 students – short report to aid transition
  • Annual Review meeting and report
  • Parent workshops and training
  • Coffee mornings
  • Parental Representation on Management Committee and Governing Body
  • Parent involvement in changes in college through informal and formal consultations
  • Regular questionnaires of families
  • Regular newsletter and text updates.
  • Social media updates
  • Friends of Oak Grove College, a charitable organisation that promotes our work and helps to raise funds to continually improve the college.

Assessing and reviewing student progress towards outcomes

Over the course of the year there are three assessment periods. Students following subject specific learning are baselined in Year 7 and then targets are set for the end of KS3 and KS4. Student progress is tracked in each subject against the targets set and interventions put in place to support development if needed. Some subjects: PE, Technology, PD and Humanities follow a termly cycle.

Students in Koa and Animus follow a three assessment period plan focusing on the individual curriculum areas. Students are baselined in each of the individual areas and then assessed on progress made at the end of term. This feeds into planning for the next steps of progress for individual students.

6th Form students follow a pathway assessment scheme where they are set individual targets based on life skills, functional literacy and numeracy and preparing for the future. Progress is assessed against these and reviewed three times a year.

All teachers and support staff who work with students are made aware of their needs, the outcomes sought, the support provided, and any teaching strategies or approaches that are required. We will regularly review the effectiveness of the support and interventions and their impact on the student progress.

Supporting students moving between phases and preparing for adulthood

All transitions are well planned throughout college as students move from class to class and to a new key stage. Students are increasingly supported in planning for their transition from college to adult life. Transition experiences are provided for students at a range of appropriate environments and we work with Further Education colleges, work experiences providers, local businesses, charities and social care provision to enable high quality transitions.

Students joining us in year 7 will have the opportunity to have a number of taster visits to college before spending a full day in college prior to their September start. Students will be visited in their primary schools and families offered opportunities to visit or meet with us in advance.

Students joining at other times of the year will have sensitive, appropriate transition arrangements made depending upon their specific needs and circumstances.

Our approach to teaching students with SEND

All planning is highly differentiated for each child, and the support provided for each individual child is outlined in their EHCP, care plans and IMTP’s if appropriate. College staff are supported by members of the NHS nursing team, SALT, physiotherapists, OTs, the community paediatrician and psychiatrist. For those with the most complex needs multi-disciplinary meetings are held on a termly basis to plan and review support.

Lessons are differentiated according to the needs of each student, and additional adult support is allocated where this can provide support for learning with the aim of all young people becoming as independent as possible.

Adaptions to the curriculum and learning environment

Our curriculum is reviewed every year and adapted to ensure it is relevant, challenging, aspirational and provides an enjoyment of learning while ensuring that the core skills of literacy, numeracy, life skills and social and emotional skills are developed. This includes the development of vocational skills, the opportunity to experience adult service placements, undertake work experience, undertake courses at local FE colleges and make use of our great strength in the Arts, the outdoors and in vocational learning.

Additional support for learning

As part of the work of Oak Grove College, we constantly review and adapt the support required for students with the aim of ensuring that all become as independent as possible. Alongside this, students all benefit from our Pastoral Support Team, Manual Handling Team, Safeguarding Team and Counsellors, where appropriate.

Expertise and training of staff

All of our staff have undertaken significant training and qualifications and continue to do so throughout the academic year. All staff have a training plan and this ensures that all the statutory training is undertaken and that all develop their skills to enhance learning. In addition, we provide significant training opportunities to a range of people training to be teachers, nurses and social workers. We also support professional learning throughout our Federation, Durrington Family Group, the wider special school community in West Sussex, South Downs Alliance and the South Downs SCITT.

Securing equipment and facilities

Oak Grove College is a fully equipped, modern generic special school with hygiene rooms, swimming pool, sensory rooms, soft play room, therapy rooms, curriculum specialist rooms, Eyegaze technology, specialist teaching rooms and a specialist outdoor learning environment. The college is accessible to all.

For specific equipment we will work with relevant agencies and funding mechanisms where appropriate to ensure that we can source specialist equipment when it is needed.

Evaluating the effectiveness of SEND Provision

We have robust procedures for self-evaluation of our work, including using our College Improvement Partner, governors and external specialists to quality assure the work we do. In addition, the college self-evaluation cycle is based upon the Ofsted evaluation schedule. Families contribute to the evaluation through our annual questionnaire and through the annual review process. Alongside this, our Federation partners support the senior leadership team in challenging, reflecting and quality assuring our own evaluations.

Enabling students with SEND to engage in further activities in addition to the curriculum activities

Oak Grove College is a fully equipped, modern generic special school with hygiene rooms, swimming pool, sensory rooms, soft play room, therapy rooms, curriculum specialist rooms, Eyegaze technology, specialist teaching rooms and a specialist outdoor learning environment. The college is accessible to all.

Support for improving emotional and social development

The development of social and emotional skills is at the very core of all our work. All the staff work with a clear behaviour policy that promotes student respect and decision making. Within the personal development curriculum, social and emotional skills are a fundamental aspect of work and all students have a range of social development targets throughout their time at Oak Grove College. In addition, we have emotional literacy lessons to support students in their emotional and mental wellbeing.

There is an experienced pastoral leadership and support team that is able to support students and their families. We can access mentoring, music therapy, counselling and riding therapy for students where appropriate. We have of team of learning mentors to support students who work alongside the therapy teams.

Working with other agencies

The College receives advice from a range of health professionals in order to meet the needs of the students as assessed by the appropriate professionals. We have two nurses who work on our site, a team of speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, OTs and manual handling leads. We regularly hold multi-disciplinary meetings to review students. In addition, a range of specialist services can be accessed where they are written into the EHCP.

Contact details for raising concerns

In the first instance, please contact your child’s class teacher or Pastoral Leader. If you still have a concern then please contact Phillip Potter, Headteacher. There is a complaints policy available on our website

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