Sixth Form Curriculum

Sixth form provision at Oak Grove College is available for 1, 2 or 3 years. Students in 6th form will continue their learning journey developing independence, life skills, communication skills and social and peer interaction.

Our curriculum aims to ensure students are taught the skills they need to continue as adults in everyday life. We follow a student-centred holistic teaching approach that is personalised to our learners needs. Targets are set from our personalised Pathways Curriculum: Paving the way to their futures.

The 6th form building is based on the site at Oak Grove College but is separate to other areas of the school. This provides a clear distinction of change as well as beginning the transition step of moving on. In addition to this, 6th form have access to a house provision where they can build up confidence being in different environments and complete life skills sessions.

Independence and life skills are embedded across lessons and included in sessions such as preparing meals and snacks, accessing the community, using public and school transport, money skills and following safety instructions. Students also experience work-related learning, enterprise projects, transition experiences and volunteer work at local placements, as well as options in structured vocational sessions of running a Café, working in the garden, and working with Lancing College Farm Project.

Communication, literacy, numeracy, and ICT are embedded in the learning throughout lessons to ensure that students are practising and developing these in real life contexts. This helps to ensure our students have functional and purposeful learning to their individual needs.

Personal development sessions focus on self-awareness, feelings, emotions, self-care and moving on. In addition, wider world sessions ensure our students experience diverse and inclusive learning allowing them to explore and understand a wide scope of national awareness days, religious festivals and global events.

Goals and targets are set termly, in line with EHCPs, and this enables us to create timetables and plan sessions that are appropriate for individual learning needs. As students move into 6th form their EHCP is updated to ensure targets are focused on creating a transition plan and next steps into adulthood.

Targets are taken from four key learning areas: Independence, Communication, Social and Self-Development and Transition Experiences.


Our curriculum looks to aid our students to become as independent as possible. This includes working on functional skills; numeracy, time telling, self-care and meal making and looking at how these are applied to adult life.


Communication is an essential skill for all of our students. It is important that our students leave 6th form with an established preferred communication method that will enable them to make their voices heard. Targets work on speaking, listening, reading and comprehension and writing.

Our Pathways target incorporates targets working on written language, speech, sounds, PECs, Grid player, sign and colourful semantics. We also acknowledge additional tools that are of value to our students including visuals, objects of references and communication/sound buttons.

Social and Self-Development

Our social and self-development pathways aims to help our students grow and develop with an awareness of appropriate social skills and interactions, relationships, developing their confidence and emotional wellbeing. Targets recognise and assess the ability to make choices, build confidence, recognise appropriate relationships and manage emotions and wellbeing.

Transition Experience

Throughout the 3 year 6th form program there is a focus on transition and next steps. This is of great importance for our young adults to ensure that they are able to explore and understand what happens after Oak Grove College. In personal development sessions students will be encouraged to discuss and talk about next steps to help normalise this to them, in addition we work with external agencies to visit our students help increased familiarity. As part of our Community Visits long term plan, class groups will visit local provisions, colleges and work experience placements that are appropriate to each learning group. This helps us work with families to create a passport and a careers and transition report. Our Pathways targets link included worker, staying safe, using transport and placement and community experiences.

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