Sixth Form Curriculum

Sixth Form Curriculum 

The needs of the learner lie at the centre of the Sixth Form Curriculum. We aim to develop the range of skills each individual needs to prepare them for success in their transition from Oak Grove into the wider community. Individuals are provided with opportunities to develop flexibility, to explore and consolidate their own interests, to make choices and take responsibility for themselves. Promotion of independence at the appropriate level is also key.

Each student is set individualised targets which are regularly reviewed. These targets are selected from OGC’s own framework of criteria. These were designed to focus on the areas young people need to succeed in adult life be this in adult provision, further education, training or employment and are as follows:

*Money Handler

*Time Teller

*Effective Communicator

*Relationship Manager


*Safety Follower

*Meal Maker

*Independent Traveller


Core Skills

Out of all the Core Skills, Communication is fundamental to the participation and progression of the majority of the learners. As such it is central to all aspects of the curriculum.  For students with more complex needs staff work in close partnership with the SaLT team and home to build communication development into their individual programmes. We also ensure there is ample opportunity for all students to develop their communication in making choices, voicing preferences, making requests, responding to instructions working with a variety of communication preferences including use of signing, PECs and Grid player. 

The Core Skills of Maths, English and ICT are also embedded throughout the programme. Students are found to engage more with this learning when taught in real life contexts and it aids generalisation of these skills. For example in Home Skills sessions students work on their money handling and budgeting as well as their communication skills when out shopping. When preparing food they work on counting and measuring skills as well as following verbal instructions and/or reading instructions.

Home Skills

These sessions enable students to develop skills that will prepare them for taking care of themselves.  They plan what they want to eat, prepare shopping lists, estimate costs and then purchase the items to be cooked. They look at how food is stored properly and develop skills in preparing meals.  Students will also engage in housekeeping skills such as hoovering, cleaning and ironing.

Community Skills

Students are given a variety of opportunities to learn to access and use the community safely and appropriately. They learn how to use local services and leisure facilities as well as eating and drinking places by practising and developing appropriate communication and behaviour. Depending on levels of support need, students access the community either by being transported in the college minibus or are accompanied or by staff on local public bus routes. Staff work in partnership with families in moving students on to more independent travelling when they feel ready and can demonstrate use of mobile phone, stranger awareness and road crossing skills.

Personal Development

Personal development runs throughout the curriculum both in and outside of class where self advocacy, decision making and resilience are constantly encouraged and there is an emphasis on developing maturity becoming an adult. For some students the emphasis will be on self-care and personal hygiene.

Students also have formal assemblies and sessions where they are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and for those around them. They explore own interests and are involved in choosing targets for self-development. Students also develop community responsibilities through participation in Youth Parliament elections, in raising money for charities and through the annual Sixth Form Plant Sale and Cafe.

Students are also provided with formal, small group and 1:1 support to explore issues surrounding sex and relationships within a context appropriate to the individuals involved.

Student interests that they may wish to pursue into adulthood are also developed through a variety of learning and leisure options on offer. These vary year on year but have included choices from art, photography, drama, music, Duke of Edinburgh and horticulture.

Work Skills

Students are provided with a variety of opportunities to develop the generic skills needed to carry out structured tasks and activities in the workplace. As appropriate to their level of learning this will range from simple focus on following of instructions within sessions, through formal sessions in Enterprise and Work Related Learning to individual work experiences arranged either within Oak Grove or in the wider community. Formal Work Related Learning sessions include working in the college cafe, construction in the college garden, manufacture of items to sell, working on a variety of media projects to promote college activities and animal care at Lancing College.  

External work experiences may be arranged in partnership with families.



At the beginning of their course students will be assessed to see which skills they need to develop to help them succeed in their next stage once they leave Oak Grove College. They will be assessed using the school’s own ‘Pathways’ mapping tool which looks at the following areas:

  • Money handler
  • Time Teller
  • Effective Communicator
  • Self director
  • Relationships Manager
  • Meal Maker
  • Independent Traveller
  • Safety Follower
  • Worker

Students are set individualised targets from these areas and individual progress is regularly monitored.


Transition into adulthood is a very important part of the Sixth form curriculum and so is a focus in both the formal and wider curriculum. The range of transition covers further education, further training, employment and adult providers. Oak Grove has excellent links with the outside agencies of Brinsbury College, Superstar Arts and The SAND Project which are formally built in to the learning programme and allow students to experience potential next steps first hand. As part of community skills students visit a range of potential adult placements such as SCOPE, Ferring Country Centre, Oak Tree Farm, Northbrook MET as appropriate to their level. Students also experience visits to work placements.

An annual Transition Evening is held where students and their families can benefit from a wide range of stalls of county-wide providers and next steps advisers. The timing of this event links with when the Sixth Form EHCP review meetings are held in order to support families in recognising the importance of preparing early for next steps. We also prioritise transition by being supportive of phased timetables where needed towards the end of a student’s time at Oak Grove.

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